05.2021 Monthly Contributor Report

05.2021 Monthly Contributor Report

May 2021

# Builder Guild

Build and maintain incredible products for Yam


Engineering Lead / Fullstack / Infrastructure

Last Month

  • Development on the Yam protocol projects
  • Development on the Umbrella SDK
  • Developer docs
  • Yam API Launch
  • Onboarding developers
  • Management of repos, boards and code review at https://github.com/yam-finance

Next Month

  • Umbrella SDK Alpha Launch
  • Continue onboarding developers
  • Continue develop the Yam API and SDKs
  • Development plans with UMA and EPNS
  • Continue develop, support and oversee the Yam protocol projects
  • Maintain infrastructure



Last Month

  • Development on the Yam API
  • Development on the Yam Main Websites

Next Month

  • Continue develop, support the Yam API and Yam Websites



Last Month

  • Yam API development and Data API migration
  • SDK development
  • Support of Degen v2 development

Next Month

  • Continue develop the Yam API and SDKs

# Growth Guild

Identify new market opportunities, make friends, develop partnerships, expand reach.


Last Month

Next Month

  • DAO House Digest June issue
  • yamHOUSE June monthly report
  • Treasury June risk analysis
  • sushiHOUSE portfolio launch support
  • Look into DAO House indicator bug


Last Month

  • Yam Synths (Degenerative)
    • Yam Synths Website testing and design work and feedback.
    • Coordination with Dev team on new Manage flow.
    • Yam Synths Documentation updates (gitbook)
    • Yam Synths APR calculation and coordination
    • Attended all team meetings with UMA to coordinate development of new synths and rollout of currently planned synths.
    • Ideation around future models for Yam Synths including aggregating other tokens and creating new models to improve the efficiency of our current system.
  • Yam Protection (Umbrella)
  • Misc. Discord and Forum
    • General Forum moderation
    • Discord moderation and re-organization to try and make a more transparent environment for the community.

Next Month

  • Test Test Test Yam Synths and work on continuing to develop the interface after the initial launch.
  • Coordinate and help plan the next synth releases after the initial launch.
  • Work on models to allow better communication and coordination between the dev and non-dev parts of YAM.
  • Keep pushing on Yam Protection (Umbrella) and get it ready for website development and beta release.
  • Continue iterating on making the discord and forum better places for collaboration and contributions with and by community members.
  • Help Chillzone out with his sweet cryptovoxels YAM space.


Last Month:

  • Research IL solutions for market risk options
    • Met with project lead at Pendle regarding using their special AMM for our option products (& OT tokens as synth collateral) = looks promising
  • Flash mint shorting capital efficiency gains proposal - lead to EMP changes
  • UMA range/covered bond modelling and write up
  • ‘Eth Tools’ planning with Bruce
  • EMP changes strategy meetings and documents
  • uPunks article & tweet thread
  • yUSD vault migration snapshot
  • UI testing
  • All UMA catchup calls

Next Month:

  • Discuss optimisations/testing needed for options in their AMM with in house researcher
  • Further meetings regarding EPNS with Jim
  • Review UMA new CFD’s
  • Work with Bruce on EMP changes presentation/strategy and drive initiative
  • Work with Jim on Yam wide strategy
  • ‘ETH Tools’ strategy write up
  • ETH Tools synth work (starting with Collared leveraged ETH)

# Marketing Guild

Clearly communicate product benefits. Ensure every action aligns with and strengthens Yam Brand.


Last Month:

Yam Synths

  • Performed project management functions aimed to achieve rock-solid launch
  • Created the Content Aggregator doc for v2 build and language versions via Crowdin. This doc also sets up the content management system so marketing can update text for the websites; as well as serve as a content template for all other Yam projects.
  • Mainnet fork test platform setup doc (to onboard more testers)

EPNS (Ethereum Push Notification Service)

  • Coordinated partnership/collaboration for EPNS to build out a messaging and notification platform for Yam.
  • Coordinating dev and marketing components moving forward

Next Month:

  • Continue project management on Synths. Ross to handle dev/tech related PM functions
  • Continue to coordinate the EPNS strategy and buildout
  • Work on process improvement and process flow for product development
  • Greater focus on driving Yam brand forward
  • Start driving Yam.Finance website forward
  • Contribute to other initiatives such as Yam Protection
  • Contribute to product/brand marketing functions and community building


This Month

  • Community presentation on guilds
  • Brainstorming on brand cohesion and planning for all content refresh
    • w/ Bruce and Jim prepped internal survey to guide
  • Testing of Yam-Synths
  • w/ Feddas and Bruce drafted onboarding guidelines

Next Month

  • Collaborate on and create presentations to gain internal and external alignment on priorities (Jim leading)
  • Brand Refresh planning (logo, websites, communications)
  • Support Yam-Synth launch and rollout of new synths
  • Aid in operations and documentation of processes
  • Work on community building and collaborations/cross promotions with other DAOs

# Community Guild

Be the voice of the team, build rapport, and listen to the voice of the community.


Last Month

  • Daily work of Chinese community
  • Keeping the community informed
  • Distribution of content/messages
  • Forward YAM project information on huoxinYAM channel
  • Keep the community active
  • Answer community questions and collect community opinions and suggestions


  • Promote Yam synths V2
  • Publicize and promote uPunks
  • Keep the community active
  • Distribution of content/messages

# Creative Guild

Turn the marketing strategy into content


Last Month

Next Month

  • Yam Synths Product Suite and Revenue Stream Development

  • Marketing

    • Yam Synths Marketing (Current Products and New Products)
  • Museum of Fine Yams

    • Art Gallery Event and Yam Synths Launch Party
    • Reach out to artists for NFT Collaborations
    • Museum of FIne Yams Art Gallery Exhibition
  • Yam.Finance Homepage UI Design Brainstorm

  • Yam Brand Exploration

    • Brand Visual Deck
    • Logo Exploration

# Operations Guild

Keep the lights on, deconflict, and streamline


Last month

  • KPI Options for UNIswap treasury
  • Coordinating with 0xMaki and Nate on sushiHOUSE deployment
  • Re-evaluate current treasury holdings with Krugman
  • Meetings and coordination with UMA / Shreyas (UNI treasury)
  • Regulatory risk analysis of Yam Treasuries
  • Long term Yam Treasury goals and direction
  • Coordinating with Indexcoop on potential collaborations

Next month

  • Continuing governance process to get KPI options for Uniswap’s treasury approved
  • Wrap up sushiHOUSE deployment
  • Potentially rebalancing Yam treasury holdings
  • Quarterly transparency report
  • Long term Yam Treasury direction