06.2021 Monthly Contributor Report

06.2021 Monthly Contributor Report

June 2021

# Builder Guild

Build and maintain incredible products for Yam


Engineering Lead / Fullstack / Infrastructure

Last Month

  • Development on the Yam protocol projects
  • Yam Synths assets deployment preparations
  • Onboarding developers
  • Management of repos, boards and code review at https://github.com/yam-finance

Next Month

  • Umbrella SDK Deployment
  • Preparations for Synths and Protection
  • Continue onboarding developers
  • Continue develop the Yam API and SDKs
  • Continue develop, support and oversee the Yam protocol projects
  • Maintain infrastructure






Last Month

  • YAM API development
  • YAM Data API migration
  • Degen SDK development

Next Month

  • Umbrella SDK
  • Umbrella Smart Contract testing



Last Month

  • Yam synths development

Next Month

  • Continue fixes on Yam Synths website.
  • Work on solidity development, deployment of synths and creation of new products

# Growth Guild

Identify new market opportunities, make friends, develop partnerships, expand reach.


Last Month

Next Month

  • DAO House Digest July issue
  • yamHOUSE July monthly report
  • Treasury July risk analysis


Last Month

  • Yam Synths
    • Coordinated interal and external Yam Synths Website testing
    • Project management for Yam Synths
    • Yam Synths Documentation updates (gitbook)
    • Attended all team meetings with UMA to coordinate development of new synths and rollout of currently planned synths.
    • Ideation around future models for Yam Synths including aggregating other tokens and creating new models to improve the efficiency of our current system.
    • Wrote vision article for Yam Synths: Why Yam Synths?. We are excited to announce the launch… | by Yam Finance | Yam Finance | Jun, 2021 | Medium
    • Updated uGas and uStonks UMIPS
  • Yam Protection (Umbrella)
    • Working on parameterizing new MetaPools
    • Continued coordination with Devs around optimal implementation of the protocol.
  • Misc. Discord and Forum
    • General Forum moderation
    • Discord moderation and re-organization to try and make a more transparent environment for the community.
  • General YAM Ops and initiatives
    • Spearheading new contributor guidelines and payment process that will be released soon:™:
    • Brainstorming around how the YAM great wall should or shouldn’t work: Tear down the Great YAM Wall
    • Brainstorming around treasury management and updated processes for balancing the treasury in a way that works with the slow speed of governance
    • Proposal to migrate yUSD to new Vault: Proposal: Transition yUSD to new Vault
    • Brainstorming around improving governance participation: Increasing Voter Participation

Next Month

  • Determine next steps in the improvement of the Yam Synths website and coordinate the launch of the new synths with the rest of the team
  • Work on models to allow better communication and coordination between the dev and non-dev parts of YAM.
  • Write out user flows for the current version of Yam Protection (Umbrella) and then use that to determine what the best path forward is. Brainstorm insurance model from first principles.
  • Continue iterating on making the discord and forum better places for collaboration and contributions with and by community members.
  • Update contributor compensation model and guide it through governance
  • Improve our treasury management framework to make better and faster decisions about assets and rebalancing.
  • Big picture thinking.
  • Be available for anyone to give feedback and support.


Last Month:

  • In depth work on UMA LSP contracts
  • Coded and began testing the ‘Floaties’ template FPL
  • Eth Tools synth suite strategy financial design → rebranded to Defi tools
    • Presenting strategy and findings 06/07/2021
  • All UMA catchup calls
  • Rari governance (re: Fuse)
  • Yam governance (re: Fuse)
  • Plan and engage with UMA on EMP changes (direction now set more to focus on LSP)
  • Testing Uni v3 IL outcomes for LPS synths
  • Gysr synth rewards investigation

Next Month:

  • Implementation, testing and UMIPs for Defi Tools synth suite
    • 5 synths groundwork
  • Rari fuse pool setup work
  • Flashbots MEV synth Collab

# Marketing Guild

Clearly communicate product benefits. Ensure every action aligns with and strengthens Yam Brand.


Last Month:

  • Helped to get Yam Synths dapp launched and helped with related Synth marketing
  • Spearheaded the EPNS collaboration now underway
  • Helped get the Yam website project kicked off, defined high level objectives
  • Contributed on a variety of marketing and growth projects
  • Contributed in a variety of planning and coordination calls and tasks

Next Month:

  • Expand Yam Synth to introduce new synths + marketing messaging
  • Create high-level messaging, requirements and content for Yam.xyz
  • Help create process improvements and apply them to all projects going forward
  • Contribute to the MoFY and Umbrella initiatives
  • Support Yam DAO and community projects


This Month

  • Brainstorming on brand cohesion and planning for all content refresh
    • w/ Bruce and Jim prepped internal survey to guide
  • Testing of Yam-Synths
  • w/ Feddas and Bruce drafted onboarding guidelines
  • Collaborate on and create presentations to gain internal and external alignment on priorities (Jim leading)
  • Brand Refresh planning (logo, websites, communications)

Next Month

  • Support Yam-Synth rollout of new synths
  • Support website refreshes
    • Yam.xyz content
  • Aid in operations and documentation of processes
  • Work on community building and collaborations/cross promotions with other DAOs

# Community Guild

Be the voice of the team, build rapport, and listen to the voice of the community.


Last Month

  • Yam Synths launch content (medium + Twitter)
  • uPUNKS content (medium + Twitter)
  • Organized Community calls with Rari Capital, metaverseDAO
  • Newsletter
  • Twitter and social media
  • Yam Synths and uPUNKS marketing strategy
  • Yam Synths and uPUNKS content
  • Museum of Fine Yams metaverse gallery events
  • Discord management and moderation
  • Yam Synths testing and feedback
  • Tokenomics research
  • Community outreach for Yam Treasuries governance push


  • Yam Synths and uPUNKS marketing continued
  • NFT drop for Yam Synths users
  • Organize community calls - NFTX and more
  • Continued community growth strategy
  • Continue to build Yam presence in the NFT space
  • Work with community to develop upcoming synths
  • Metaverse events and artist highlight/ exhibition
  • Continued Twitter and social media strategy and execution
  • Continue to develop cross-DAO connections to promote Yam community growth


Last Month

  • Promote Yam synths V2
  • Publicize and promote uPunks
  • Keep the community active
  • Distribution of content/messages
  • Daily work of Chinese community
  • Answer community questions and collect community opinions and suggestions


  • Promote Yam synths V2
  • Publicize and promote upunk
  • Collect community opinions and suggestions
  • Distribution of content/messages



# Creative Guild

Turn the marketing strategy into content


Last Month

  • Branding and Marketing Materials

    • Design / Creative Direction on uPUNKS Campaign Content
  • Design / Creative Direction onYam Synths Marketing Content

  • Design / Creative Direction on New uSTONKS Marketing Content

  • Punk Fiction NFT Project Development

  • Yam PUNKS NFT Project Development

  • DeFi Super Heroes NFT Project Development

  • Yam Marketing Visuals (Community Calls, Father’s Day, POAP Badges)

  • Marketing Strategy Development for Yam Synths

  • Brainstorm Synth Development

  • Yam.XYZ + Punk Fiction site wireframe development

  • Community Call Presentations

  • Biz-Dev

    • Help coordinate with Rari Capital on creation a Fuse Pool
  • Coordination with UMA Team on YAM Synths Development

    • Help develop and workshop Yam Synths Product Roadmap
    • Help coordinate with UMA Team on Yam Synths development
    • Feedback + Support on Yam Synths UI Development
  • Museum of Fine Yams

    • Prepare New Exhibition at MoFY

Next Month

  • NFT Project Development (Punk Fiction, Yam Punks, DeFi Super Heroes)

  • Yam Synths Marketing

  • Help support LSP Contracts Integration / Vault Integration onto Yam Synths site

  • Help Yam.XYZ and Punk Fiction UI Design Development

  • Yam Brand Exploration for Yam.XYZ site

  • Yam Swag


Last month

  • Yam Synths
    • UX/UI Design
    • Frontend development
    • 3D Illustrations

Next Month

  • Yam Synths continued design and development
  • Museum of Fine Yams
    • Wireframing
    • Information architecture
    • UX Testing
    • UI Design
    • Brand exploration & development
    • Frontend development
    • Punkfiction
      • Wireframing
      • Information architecture
      • UX Testing
      • UI Design
      • Brand exploration
      • NFT game theory and strategy
      • Lore exploration
  • Yam website
    • Brand exploration
    • Wireframing
    • Information architecture
    • UX Testing
    • UI Design
    • Front end development

# Operations Guild

Keep the lights on, deconflict, and streamline


Last month

  • KPI Options for UNIswap treasury Temperature check passed!
  • Posted consensus check on uniswap forum with additional information and different KPI options.
  • Coordinating with 0xMaki and Nate on sushiHOUSE deployment
  • Long term Yam Treasury goals and direction
  • Coordinating with Indexcoop on potential collaborations

Next month

  • Continuing governance process to get KPI options for Uniswap’s treasury approved
  • Wrap up sushiHOUSE deployment
  • Quarterly transparency report
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