09.2021 Monthly Contributor Report

09.2021 Monthly Contributor Report

September 2021

# Builder Guild

Build and maintain incredible products for Yam


Engineering Lead / Fullstack / Infrastructure

Last Month

  • Preparations for Yam, Protection and Museum
  • New Yam Synths website developments
  • Yam Ceramic node
  • Contributors updates and payouts
  • Yam projects developments
  • Management of repos, boards and code review at https://github.com/yam-finance

Next Month

  • Launching new base of the yam website
  • Preparations for Synths, Protection and Museum
  • New websites prep, development and decentralization
  • Updating treasuries manager
  • Continue develop, support and oversee the Yam protocol projects
  • Maintain infrastructure


Smart Contract Developer / On-Chain Governance

Last Month

  • Multiple proposals (contributor payments, treasury rebalance, asset reallocation, etc.)

  • Cleaning up Synths rewards script

Next Month

  • Proposals (contributor payments, Fuse pool fund seeding, etc.)

  • Yam Treasuries integrations



Last Month

  • Yam Main Website updates
  • Updating and Fixing issues on Yam synths
  • Yam API Migration

Next Month

  • Continue updating yam api
  • Continue updating yam main website
  • Continue updating yam synths website



Last Month

  • Project maintenance
  • Mofy
  • Umbrella

Next Month

  • Umbrella
  • Synths SDK


Smart Contract Developer / Full-Stack Engineer

Last Month

  • Linting/ Formatting CI checks

  • Defi Tools Engineering / Support

  • UniKPI calc script

  • Review team contributions

  • Participating in dev, marketing, research and strategy meetings.

Next Month

  • Synths SDK - Add Multicall Features

  • Github Action that deploys new synth

  • Launch Defi Tools FPLs on polygon

  • Review team contributions

  • Participating in dev, marketing, research and strategy meetings.

# Growth Guild

Identify new market opportunities, make friends, develop partnerships, expand reach.


Last Month

  • Treasury August risk analysis
  • Working through YIP-80, YIP-81, and YIP-83 for yamHOUSE and treasury rebalancing
  • PM activities on hold while treasury rebalancing commences

Next Month

  • Rebalance yamHOUSE to reflect the new post YIP-81 allocations
  • DAO House Digest September issue
  • yamHOUSE September monthly report
  • Treasury September risk analysis


Last Month

  • Redesigned all ‘Defi Tools’ FPLs to cater for two tokens working in AMM

  • Parameterised synths

  • AMM 3 token modelling (balancer.py implementation)

Next Month

  • TBC - moving to advisory role

# Marketing Guild

Clearly communicate product benefits. Ensure every action aligns with and strengthens Yam Brand.


  • Yam.xyz Website information architecture and design ideas

  • Yam.xyz preliminary brand positioning and high-level messaging concepts

  • Misc marketing contribution

Next Month

  • Yam.xyz messaging options to test

  • Yam.xyz site content creation

  • Help with Yam Synths and Mofy marketing


Last Month

Next Month

# Community Guild

Be the voice of the team, build rapport, and listen to the voice of the community.


Last Month

  • Twitter content and strategy

  • Discord community management

  • Marketing strategy

  • MoFY content and strategy

  • Newsletter

  • NFT drop development

Next Month

  • Twitter content and strategy continued

  • Discord community management continued

  • Marketing strategy continued

  • MoFY content and strategy continued

  • Newsletter continued

  • NFT drop development continued

  • Cementing partnership for MoFY to drive attendance and participation


Last Month

  • Popularize and introduce The YAM Cometh Spaceship
  • Promotion and discussion The UMA Long Short Pair (LSP)
  • Keep the community active
  • Distribution of content/messages
  • Daily work of Chinese community
  • Answer community questions and collect community opinions and suggestions

Next Month

  • Continue to promote LSP

  • Introduce defi tools

  • Keep the community active

  • Collect community opinions and suggestions

  • Distribution of content/messages


Last Month

  • Researched and investigated solutions for paying recurring DAO infrastructure costs using crypto-to-fiat payment solutions

  • Facilitated payments for DAO server hosting and other infrastructure needs

  • Facilitated payments for short term project-based frontend dev contractors

  • Interfaced with potential partners and DAO collaborators

  • Participated in Yam Synths reward distributions to LPs

  • Proposed and outlined new rewards strategies for Yam Synth LPs

  • Participated in various meetings and brainstorming sessions

Next Month

  • Continued work towards real world payment solutions for DAO infrastructure needs

  • Continued outreach to potential partners and collaborators

  • Continued participation in Yam Synths reward distributions to LPs

  • Strategic product analysis for various Yam products

  • Outreach to potential MoFy art show sponsors

  • Continued participation in various meetings and brainstorming sessions

# Creative Guild

Turn the marketing strategy into content


Last Month

  • Creative Direction and Marketing Materials for Rari, Yam Synths, LSP

  • Yammies Development

  • Metaverse Gallery Creation

  • Marketing Meeting Coordination

  • MoFY Brainstorming and Development

Next Month

  • MoFY, Metaverse Event

  • Marketing for Yam Synths

  • Yam XYZ Creative


Last Month

  • Feed back on all NFT products (Punk fiction, Yammies, MoFY Dapp)

  • Artist interview articles.

Next Month

  • Frequently released MoFY content on artist, NFT projects, and low level defi tutorials
  • More ambitious metaverse events with art drops, wearables, & more.
  • Onboarding artists under the MoFY brand


Last Month

  • Designed new Yam Synths v3 UI

  • Research and Protocol Design on Yam Protection

  • MoFY dApp frontend development support

  • MoFY website frontend updates

Next Month

  • Yam.xyz website design

  • Yam Synths landing page design

  • Support on Yam Protection protocol design

  • Yam Stash experiment

# Operations Guild

Keep the lights on, deconflict, and streamline


Last Month

  • Snapshot vote for BuyBack and Build with Profits
  • Snapshot votes for updating Contributor Compensation
  • Snapshot votes for new contributors
  • YamSynths Project management and Research
  • New UMIPs for uGAS and uPUNKS synths
  • Coordination on new rewards model from UMA
  • MoFY research and testing
  • Coordination between Dev and Non-dev parts of DAO
  • Discord moderation
  • Forum Moderation
  • Participation in all community and internal bizdev, marketing, and strategy meetings.
  • Pitch in however else I am needed.

Next Month

  • Continue to work on implementation of Buyback and Build with Profits

  • Coordination for launch of new YamSynths website and new LSP synths.

  • Project management for Yam Synths

  • Marketing and educational materials for DeFi Tools.

  • HR Group responsibilities

  • Discord and Discourse moderation

  • Participation in all community and internal bizdev, marketing, and strategy meetings.

  • Whatever else is needed.


Last Month

  • Finalized proposal and strategy for UNIswap KPI

Next Month

  • Deploy proposal and get votes to pass