11/12/2020 Dev/Gov Call

11/12/2020 Dev/Gov Call Agenda

Stream: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wntl9jxsNx0&ab_channel=YamFinance

Time: Thursday, 11/12/2020, 6pm UTC

  • Introductions
  • Past Week in Governance
    • Big Update Executed:
      • ETH/YAM Purchase from Sushiswap
      • 5k BoU YAM/week LP Incentives
      • LP Governance
      • Farm SUSHI with SLP in Incentivizer
    • ETH OTC Purchase On Chain
      *Upcoming in Governance
    • Contributor Vesting Pool and Contributor Governor - Move on-chain
    • DPI/ETH INDEX Farming - Move on-chain
  • Organizational Update
    • Contributor Compensation Frameworks
    • Current Ongoing Positions to Fill:
      • Contributor Manager
      • Marketing Manager
      • Front-End
      • Additional Smart Contract
      • Treasury Manager
      • Set Manager
  • YAM Holder Survey Responses
    • Great insight into our current communication channels, very helpful for helping guide marketing efforts
  • Marketing Strategy Update
    • Need to continue solidifying the core brand – much of which @designer has helped develop, but definitely need more work from visual design perspective
    • In addition to the high level branding, we need to be developing systems for communication with specific objectives and goals to increase awareness about YAM’s progress.
  • Umbrella Protocol Update
  • Treasury Management Update
  • Ragequit Update
    • Specification for a Simple Ragequit-like Function
    • General consensus is that this is a simple and elegant solution to ragequit that will accomplish the necessary purpose
    • We want to change the branding however, as ragequit is not representative of its role in the Yam protocol
  • Open Discussion