12.2020 Monthly Contributor Report

Monthly Contributor Report

December 2020

Trello Board: Trello

A letter to the community from Feddas:

I started the operations role at Yam officially in Dec 2020 and I am honored the community has given me this opportunity to help guide the direction of Yam Finance. Started by the vision of the founding team, Yam continues to evolve with the ideas of every person involved. I am personally very excited by the current direction of Yam and its projects. Trent’s vision and forward thinking has led Yam through multiple tough battles but we are well on our way to winning the war.

December 2020 was a good month to work with the team and to understand the talents of our team and the community. As we move forward, I will be taking a larger role in operations, organization and treasury from my predecessors. A few of my goals:

  1. Opening the lines of communication between the team and community. I’ve witnessed the dedication that the team has for Yam these past weeks, they have been 100% focused on development but this leaves little in terms of quality communications between team and community.
  2. Better organization of the team and directed efforts.
  3. Building a “community” where members feel like they are a part of Yam. This is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization, your input and vote matters. Let’s all work to make Yam better.
  4. Getting our current projects launched and 100% production ready.
  5. Minimizing confusion - One of the key reasons for the disabling of the rebase, and ending migration of YamV2. Focus education on our projects.
  6. Streamlined marketing efforts by the team and community.
    I invite all of you to come and build Yam together.


Fullstack / Lead Dev
Last Month

  • Smart contract development of Umbrella
  • Smart contract development and interfacing for Degenerative.Finance
  • Web3 elements in all smart contracts
  • Development of UMA liquidation bot.

Next Month

  • Continue development of Umbrella.
  • Migrating liquidation bot to Yam.
  • Degenerative.Finance backend updates.


Fullstack / Engineering Lead / Infrastructure
Last Month

  • Front end development of all Yam websites, Yam.Finance, Degenerative.Finance and Alpha Umbrella UI
  • All server maintenance and infrastructure
  • Updates to website
  • Dashboards and charting tools

Next Month

  • Continue working on UI for Yam.Finance, Degenerative.Finance and Alpha Umbrella UI
  • Maintaining infrastructure.


Smart Contract Developer / On-Chain Governance
Last Month

  • YDS development - ongoing back and forth with Set Protocal team getting our adapters added to their protocol
  • uGAS farming - development of contracts for setting up and maintaining farming using the various uGAS tokens
  • Developed/Deployed multiple proposals - INDEX farming, rebase disabling, minor upgrades to YAM contract, etc.

Next Month

  • Pushing YDS across the finish line for MVP
  • Further developing YDS adapters to support LPing, staking, etc.
  • Deploy uGAS farming
  • Developing the Great Yam Wall


Project Lead
Last Month

  • Coordinate on degenerative with UMA and YAM teams
  • Facilitate umbrella progress
  • Continue empowering additional community members to take on more responsibility

Next Month

  • Degenerative, umbrella, general protocol and community management
  • Support our full-time contributors and provide strategic guidance


Operations / Organization / Treasury
Last Month


Brand and Marketing
Last Month

Next Month

  • Degenerative Documentation + Marketing, Umbrella Art, Documentation, YDS Branding


Yam Dao Set Portfolio
Last Month

  • Swap UI - Worked with Justin from TS to get this UI running locally which is now completed.
  • Repo has been set up in Yams github for it.

Next Month

  • Working with the Set Swap UI code to understand it better.
  • Performing gap analysis on the swap UI and launch day expectations/needs.
  • Begin discussions on a "set explorer UI (i.e. seeing all of the positions in the set, position size in $'s, etc).
  • Look into a “state of the YDS” report template for periodic, high-level overview of the YDS.
  • Nuts-and-bolts coordinating between Yam and Set.


Last Month

  • Created internal marketing roadmap/blueprint to help the team identify critical marketing and brand milestones
  • Created and managed Yam Finance Youtube Channel
  • Organized weekly governance calls and provided technical support for live streaming to the Yam Finance Youtube Channel
  • Created and manage the Yam Finance sub-reddit (technically October)
  • Copywriting for Degenerative Finance and participated in site launch efforts
  • Provided and participated in ideation, strategy, and process for Yam, Umbrella, and Degenerative messaging, brand identity, visuals, design, and marketing efforts
  • Provided feedback and participated in Yam Finance social media efforts
  • Coordinated and organized Degenerative Finance website feedback for developer team
  • Performed minor initial outreach to select protocols in anticipation of Degenerative Finance/uGAS launch
  • Collaborated with Bruce on visual design elements and aesthetics across Yam, Umbrella, and Degenerative Finance

Next Month

  • Creation of uGAS UI walkthrough videos
  • Establish social media marketing calendar and overarching marketing campaigns for Degenerative Finance and Umbrella Launch
  • Begin process for Yam Finance brand and aesthetic adjustments
  • Begin growth efforts in all of Yam Finance’s communication channels
  • Initiate video and animation process for Yam Finance Youtube Channel
  • Recruit and acquire additional content for Yam Finance Youtube Channel
  • Collaborate with Bruce, Designer, and team on the design and copy of Umbrella website prior to launch


Branding / Advertising
Last Month

  • Call with E to discuss Yam site update ideas and coordinating. Creating user profiles, user journeys, then marrying those with desired perceptions based on brand work, as well as folding in the brand pillars. This step establishes the groundwork for the next steps.
  • Umbrella brand pillars and messaging with tag line candidate. Created user flows to inform wireframe creation that Bruce is doing.
  • Degenerative, consulted with Bruce and E on wireframes, created some top level messaging and working on marketing concepts, sketches and messaging.

Next Month

  • Yam site information architecture and wireframe design. More Umbrella messaging, and more Degenerative marketing.


Last Month

Next Month

  • Continue working through the Governance Process, refine AYM stablecoin proposal and see if there is interest in developing it. Keep working on YAM tokenomics. Help out as needed and continue moderation on discord and forums.


Last Month


Last Month

  • Publicize “uGas”. After a period of efforts, some community members have begun to be interested in “uGas”.
  • Keep the Chinese community active
  • Answer community questions and help community members solve the difficulties encountered.

Next Month

  • Publicize “uGas” in the community and guide the community to participate in the transaction of “uGas”.
  • Do a good job in marketing for the upcoming “umbrella”