2022-02-01 Nushi Contributor Request

Title: 2022-02-01 - Nushi contributor compensation request

Rate: Hourly Rate not included yet as we are in a trial run this month.

Monthly Rate is $7000 in USDC with $3000 YAM Streamed Per Month.

USD $7000
YAM $3000 /mo
Time-frame: Jan 1st 2022 to January 31st 2022.

Hours Worked: Monthly Rate - Full Month

Wallet for payment: 0xF0EEF765172c9AEAf76B57656A1Cd717033C391c


My initial focus as a contributor to the DAO was as community manager, with a mandate to host community calls, MoFY artist exhibitions, manage Discord, Telegram, and Twitter, coordinate global language communities, and feedback community input to the relevant parties to make sure the core team and wider community remain strongly aligned.

While I will continue to lead these areas, I have expanded my focus to also include marketing, product development/ strategy, and operations.


Continue to manage and represent the community’s best interests and feedback relevant and clear input back to the core team, across development and marketing teams.
Continue to assist with content, marketing materials, marketing strategy, product strategy and coordinate opportunities for cross-DAO and B2B growth.

Work Done

Managed social channels, Discord, Telegram and Twitter
Played a central role marketing strategy and deliverables (Yam Synths, MoFY, and DAO processes)
Co-ordianted cross-DAO to realize large opportunities for the YAM community
Represented the wider community on team calls
Worked to streamline DAO processes and contributor guidelines

Lessons Learned

Lessons learned around DAO co-ordination, product strategy and delivery, treasury management. Will continue to implement these lessons into my daily processes to push to continue to improve and streamline the DAO and better reach our goals.

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Is this the work product of $8,000 a month?

We do not have an official Telegram group, moderation of this unofficial communtiy group here is focused on removing harmful links.

Discord and Twitter are the places to stay up to date with news and developments.

As my post outlined, my current main focus is on marketing strategy and business development opportunities for the DAO, of which there are some major developments that we will be able to make public in coming weeks.

Happy to chat on Discord and discuss any community growth strategies you’d like to see implemented!