2022-02-01 - Ross' Contributor Compensation Request

2022-02-01 - Ross’ Contributor Compensation Request

Rate: Hourly Rate not included yet as we are in a trial run this month.

Monthly Rate is $7000 in USDC with 5,952 YAM Streamed Per Month.

USDC Amount Backup: Snapshot
Yam Amount Backup: Snapshot

Time-frame: Jan 1st 2022 to January 31st 2022.

Hours Worked: Monthly Rate - Full Month

Wallet for payment: 0x88c868B1024ECAefDc648eb152e91C57DeA984d0


I am a full time contributor who has been working on improving the operations, organizational structure, and efficiency of YAM. I have also been contributing design work for YAM Synths, both conceptual and front end. My original employment proposal is located here: Full-time contributor request for Ross


My goals have been to analyze the way the DAO currently works, diagnose problems and areas where we have struggled, and design new models and systems to make improvements in these areas. I want to help make YAM and new kind of organization. One that is truly decentralized and can leverage an open model of collaboration to build things that we couldn’t build otherwise. This is a big vision, so I will start with the big picture and then try to bite off chunks that we can achieve.

Work Done


Yam Synths

  • Facilitated weekly team meetings.
  • Attended all UMA coordination meetings
  • Updated UMIPs for uGAS and uPUNKs and got them approved by UMA governance.
  • Collaborated with @Snake and @blokku-chan on Design work on upcoming release
  • Collaborated with @Snake to develop requirements doc for Yam Synths.
  • Continued brainstorming on new ways to make Yam Synths better, find product market fit, etc.

Big Picture

Other Miscellaneous

Lessons Learned

I believe that we are close to putting together a lot of the thinking that we have been doing into actionable changes and a plan to holistically improve YAM. I intend to keep working toward that and making this vision easily digestible by the community.

As we implement a new model for contributor payments, there will be questions and issues that will arise that we haven’t thought about and will need to be sorted out.We also need to make more informational materials to describe the new processes.

I will continue to work on Yam Synths and assist as I am useful. In the short term this is design work and help with marketing. In the longer term this is thinking about how to make the overall system better and find product market fit.

I will continue to keep tabs on the treasury and make sure the asset balance is staying healthy. Not my forte, but as @krugman25 said, it’s moving a big ship so small changes are usually the best.

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