2022-02-01 - Specific Architectures Contributor Compensation Request

2022-02-01 - Specific Architectures LLC Contributor Compensation Request

Specific architectures is my LLC.

Rate: Hourly Rate not included yet as we are in a trial run this month.

Monthly Rate is $7000 in USDC with 5,952 YAM Streamed Per Month.

USDC Amount Backup: Snapshot
Yam Amount Backup: Snapshot

Time-frame: Feb 1st 2022 to Feb 28th 2022.

Hours Worked: Monthly Rate - Full Month

Wallet for payment: 0x88c868B1024ECAefDc648eb152e91C57DeA984d0


I am a full time contributor who has been working on improving the operations, organizational structure, and efficiency of YAM. I have also been contributing design work for YAM Synths, both conceptual and front end. My original employment proposal is located here: Full-time contributor request for Ross


My goals have been to analyze the way the DAO currently works, diagnose problems and areas where we have struggled, and design new models and systems to make improvements in these areas. I want to help make YAM and new kind of organization. One that is truly decentralized and can leverage an open model of collaboration to build things that we couldn’t build otherwise.

This work has started with the YAM restructuring and reorganization effort that @designer @chilly @case and I have been spearheading. The changes are slowly going to be made visible, starting with the discord reorg and a move to make everything we do more transparent.

Work Done


  • YIP-100 Proposal: YIP-100 Upgrade Contributor Compensation Process
    • Worked on incorporating these changes into the new re-org structure
  • Thinking and Diagramming around how the reorganization of YAM should work.
    • Silo Structures
    • How it ties into discord and notion
    • accountability mechanisms
    • Internal Presentations on this new structure that will lead to public facing presentations this month.
  • Signed Multi-sig transactions
  • reviewed on chain transaction
  • Facilitated weekly team calls
  • Coordinated any issues around contributor Pay.

Yam Synths

  • Facilitated weekly team meetings.
  • Attended all UMA coordination meetings
  • Informal Brainstorming session at ETH Denver.
  • Networked with UMA team in Denver
  • Continued brainstorming on new ways to make Yam Synths better, find product market fit, etc.

Other Miscellaneous

  • Attended ETH Denver
    • Networked with other DAOs and attended talks and meet-ups to discuss issues in the space.
    • Worked on my pitch for “Why YAM” and explaining what we are trying to do.
    • Met with Utopia Team to discuss using their products to improve our workflow.
    • Got Covid :*-(
  • Forum and Discord Moderation
  • YAM Website redesign discussions and planning
  • Discord Reorganization discussion

Lessons Learned

My trip to ETH Denver was a good way to re-focus on what is important. Other than the fact that it was mobbed with people (top signal?) and everyone is doing “DAO tooling”, it was an opportunity to reflect on some of the things I have written and thought about in the last few months. There is so much going on in the space right now, but one of the things that always seems to be the focus of attention in most of the serious crypto/web3 conversations is that of public goods and doing things to make the world better.

This feels like a part of YAM’s narrative that has been missing in the last year, which is understandable as we were focusing hard on making products and prove that we can “generate value.” I now believe that are making a mistake in not focusing more on how YAM can be a force for building the web3 world that we all want to see. We need to start with our values and understand why people found YAM exciting in the first place (other than the free money). And then focus on bringing that back. YAM was once a powerful brand that spoke to innovation and intellectual speculation and we need to focus on getting that back.