2022-03-01 Designer Contribution Compensation Request

Title: 220301 - [Designer] contributor compensation request

Rate: Monthly Rate is $8000 in USDC with 7,857 YAM Streamed Per Month.

USD $8000
YAM 7,857/mo [Snapshot]

Time-frame: Feb 1st 2022 to Feb 28th 2022.

Hours Worked: Monthly Rate - Full Month

Wallet for payment: 0x3FdcED6B5C1f176b543E5E0b841cB7224596C33C


Marketing, branding within the agency model offering services to a variety of medium sized business as well as Fortune 1000 business entities. Responsibilities included creating, running and growing a marketing agency over a period of decades.


Main focus for the requested period has been in helping with the creation and communication of the Yam structural reorganization initiative.

Work Done

  • Input and discussions on Ross’s DAO improvements Post “A Roadmap For Yam” series
  • Feedback to the “Making Yam Better” post - input and discussions
  • Created the “Yam Current and Future” doc - a no BS post intended to motivate change
  • Problem solving and conferencing on Min Yam figma file process flows
  • YAM DAO Manifesto 2022 doc - used for key messaging in the Min Yam team presentation
  • Yam Structural Reorganization graphic sequence with high-level messaging
  • Discord and Notion redesign work to simplify our communications channels
  • Helped create the Yam DAO Structural Reorganization presentation for team call

Lessons Learned

Let go of what no longer works (or works optimally) and redesign a better system. As they say in mountain climbing when things go terribly wrong… “you have to keep making decisions or you’re stuffed”. Making decisions has been the Achilles Heal of Yam, and getting stuffed means going nowhere.

And I’ve learned there are contributors very committed to bringing positive change to and for Yam. Thanks to all of them.