2022-03-01 VDM Contribution Compensation Request

Title: 2022.03.01 - VDM contributor compensation request

Rate: Hourly rate: $230
Total payment will amount to 10.5 x 230 = $2,415
70/30 USDC/YAM split = $1690 USDC and $725 in YAM

Time-frame: 2021.12.07 - 2022.03.01 (About 3 Months)

Hours Worked: 10.5

Wallet for payment: *Please use my address on record


Attending all Yam Synths related meetings to add value to the product as well as working on adhoc value adds (e.g. Fuse pool risk analysis).


Help move Yam Synths forward to launch and adding any value to the Dao where my skills are well suited.

Work Done

8.95 Hours of meetings
1.55 Hours on Fuse Pool Risk analysis:

[ >2 hours on DAO related meetings (Which I have decided not to bill for in good faith) ]

Lessons Learned

Having recently moved to a part time contributor I am still trying to work out how best I can add my maximum value to Yam. The weekly synths meetings are useful to the team but to give Yam maximum value for any funds spent I recommend I don’t attend the rolling weekly meetings, but only attend the ones I am requested to join. This will concentrate my value add and lower billable hours which I think will be beneficial for the DAO overall.

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