2022-03-02 Chilly Contributor Compensation Request

Title: 2022-03-02 - Chilly contributor compensation request

Rate: Hourly Rate not included yet as we are in a trial run this month.
Monthly Rate is $7,000 in USD with 7,976 YAM Streamed Per Month.

Time-frame: Feb 1st 2022 to Feb 28th 2022

Hours Worked: Monthly Rate - Full Month.

Wallet for payment: 0x01e0C7b70E0E05a06c7cC8deeb97Fa03d6a77c9C


I focus on creative design and marketing here at Yam, as well as Museum of Fine Yams organization and general DAO strategy and operations. Original Contributor Proposal


This was a productive month in terms of focusing on how to restructure Yam DAO into becoming a more Open and Transparent organization. It was an inspiring month working closely with both Designer and Ross on these challenging issues.

Work Done

Lessons Learned

Inspiring collaborating with the team on pushing hard for a truly transparent and open DAO. We did a lot of great work this month getting the structure set-up, now let’s finish the re-organization and share with the community!