2022-04-01 Designer Contributor Compensation Request

Title: YYMMDD - [contributor name] contributor compensation request

Rate: Monthly Rate is $8000 in USDC with 7,857 YAM (streamed or paid directly).

Time-frame: Mar 1st 2022 to Mar 31st 2022.

Hours Worked: Monthly Rate - Full Month.

Wallet for payment: 0x3FdcED6B5C1f176b543E5E0b841cB7224596C33C


Marketing and branding services for a variety of medium sized and Fortune 1000 businesses. Responsibilities included transforming client problems into web based marketing and communications solutions.


Focused exclusively on development of the minimal Yam structure in March.

Work Done

  • Writing and graphics for the Yam DAO Structural Reorg for Yam’s public Notion page
  • Roadmap framework discussions around Min Yam, Issuance, tokenomics and rebranding
  • Mapping governance process with the grant/silo/bounty system into a cohesive graphic idea
  • Set tone and direction for telling the Structural Reorg story and the beginning of a Medium article
  • Mind-mapping graphic – a solution architecture – for the Yam Structure Reorg process and content

Lessons Learned

As the Yam Structural Reorg and 2022 Roadmap moves beyond the idea stage, it will be critical figure out and document ‘how it works’ by define the details of how each human actor and technical process interacts. And therefor creating a system that functions smoothly by carefully anticipating, and putting into place the mechanics needed, test them, and allow for flexibility as the system grows.

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