2022-04-06 - Chilly contributor compensation request

Rate: Hourly Rate not included yet as we are in a trial run this month.
Monthly Rate is $7,000 in USD with 7,976 YAM Streamed Per Month.

Time-frame: March 1st 2022 to March 31st 2022

Hours Worked: Monthly Rate - 2.5 Weeks. Took 1.5 Weeks Off for NFT LA. Will make up the missed work this coming month.

Wallet for payment: 0x01e0C7b70E0E05a06c7cC8deeb97Fa03d6a77c9C


I focus on creative design and marketing here at Yam, as well as Museum of Fine Yams organization and general DAO strategy and operations. Original Contributor Proposal


This was a challenging month brainstorming details of the new YAM Structure and exploring different design concepts for the website and notion. I hit a few creative roadblocks but feel like I found progress after guidance from Jim and Ross.

Work Done

  • DAO improvement discussions and workshopping
  • Yam Public Notion Design Work
  • Minimal Yam Presentation Mock Up Work
  • Yam Marketing Meeting Coordination

Lessons Learned

Feel the need to improve productivity this coming month as we need to hit this deadline urgently for community.

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Thanks Chilly,
Going to need lots of your talent for some of the social media and outreach coming soon.

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