2022-04 - E Monthly transparency report


Engineering Lead / Fullstack / Infrastructure

Last Month

  • Development and security proposals finalization
  • General proposals preps and posts
  • Contributors preps and payments
  • Contracts onchain preps and deployment
  • Onboarding contributors
  • Yam projects developments
  • Management of repos, boards and code review at https://github.com/yam-finance

Next Month

  • Development and security proposals posts
  • Gitcoin and bounties posts
  • Onboarding contributors
  • Continue develop, support and oversee the Yam protocol projects
  • Maintain infrastructure

@ethe could you include a bit more detail, something similar to:

I appreciate your hard work and effort on Yam Finance. Over the past few months, the contributor work load has shifted to focus primarily on the Yam Re-Organization (aka Minimal Yam), and it would be great for token holders to understand your current time focus. Your contributor compensation is for a full time developer.


Thank you @Feddas and sure, and if anything wasnt clear enough from the above please ask me about it.

Expanding more of what i included above on my focus, one part is always generally keeping yam functional on the infrastructure level, services upkeep and payments, github contributors communications follow up and updates, another part is facilitating and supporting the contributors at yam figuring out everything they might need or ask for, as well for getting things together in preparation for pay, reimbursements, data for later quarterly reports etc. Working on developing, testing and deployment of the monthly onchain proposals which usually contain contributor pay as well to other special protocol feature requests of passed proposals or token interactions with the treasury.

That aside, for the past several weeks i have been working on the development and security plans, communicating with different defi parties and individuals involved, which ill be posting full details about once its ready.

Great thank you!

By infrastructure do you mean the website, hosting service, github? Anything else? How much time does it normally take to maintain per month?

Is this just making payments to various services to make sure the lights stay on?

How many github contributors did we have in the month of April? We’ve reduced the number of contributors since starting “minimal Yam” right?

Yes this is greatly appreciated.

Yes thank you for taking over for previous contributors. How much time do you usually spend a month creating the monthly on-chain proposals? I know you’ve said numbers in the past but they might not have been all encompassing.

Great, any information would be useful, I know you’ve referenced this in the operations calls.

Thanks E,



Correct and it doesnt take much normally but whenever there are somethings to adjust or add more that would be it


2-3 and yes correct

It ranges from proposal to another, depending of what it contains and what testing it requires to get where we need to, it can take as little as few hours to anywhere around 20 or more, that includes other contracts inspections, testing, deployments and further onchain interaction, making sure it works properly and is enough secure prior execution

Posting soon, stay put!