2022-05-03 Designer Contributor Compensation Request

Title: YYMMDD - [contributor name] contributor compensation request

Rate: Monthly Rate is $8000 in USDC with the remaining compensation in YAM (I did not do the calculation on the Yam portion because I don’t know the relevant TWAP is).

Time-frame: Apr 1st 2022 to Apr 30 2022.

Hours Worked: Monthly Rate - Full Month.

Wallet for payment: 0x3FdcED6B5C1f176b543E5E0b841cB7224596C33C

Work Done

Full focus on the Yam Re-org project with specific focused on making decisions and documenting them for the Minimal Yam framework. Other work included requirements definition and the creation of two articles explaining the Yam Re-org.

  • Yam DAO Re-Org - What is a DAO – article for Notion and Medium
  • Requirements MSC List doc - A list of requirements by priority and over time
  • Requirements - System Actors - A description of human and machine actors that interact with the Yam System

Lessons Learned

Now that a basic understanding of Minimal Yam is in place, it would be good to beta test it along with further developing the system. I’d also like to determine a phase in plan. Looking more broadly, we should begin going into more depth on the other roadmap elements and get a rough sketch of those solution options for review soon.

Hey @designer, would you mind editing in links for these? I’m interested in taking a look.

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