2022-05-05 - Chilly contributor compensation request

Rate: Hourly Rate not included yet as we are in a trial run this month.
Monthly Rate is $7,000 in USD with 7,976 YAM Streamed Per Month.

Time-frame: April 1st 2022 to March 30th 2022

Hours Worked: Monthly Rate - 4 Weeks

Wallet for payment: 0x01e0C7b70E0E05a06c7cC8deeb97Fa03d6a77c9C


My focus this past month has been on helping develop the Gov Ops Council as well as create presentation materials for the community for the new “Minimal Yam” project.

Work Done

Lessons Learned

Now that a basic framework for “Yam Replanted” is set up, the focus for next month will be on branding the values and ideas of Yam and begin sharing the work to the wider defi space. We also need to create a test silo to stress test the “Yam Replanted” workflow as well as develop a roadmap.