2022-05 - E Monthly transparency report


Engineering Lead / Fullstack / Infrastructure

Last Month

  • Development posts
  • Gitcoin and bounties posts
  • Onboarding contributors
  • Yam website preps
  • Contracts onchain preps and deployment
  • Contributors payments
  • Yam projects developments
  • Management of repos, boards and code review at https://github.com/yam-finance

Next Month

  • Development posts
  • Onboarding further contributors
  • Continue develop, support and oversee the Yam protocol projects
  • Maintain infrastructure


Sorry, I cannot approve this transparency report. I’ve spent a lot of time and money to try to get some real transparency and accountability for contributor compensation. This is not an acceptable transparency report as you, @ross @designer @chilly and I have spoken at length to try and improve this process so that we can regain the confidence of the token holders.

We are in midst of a bear market and due to the smart treasury planning of multiple Yam core members and myself, we have a treasury that will survive this market as long as we are smart about contributor compensations and are able to build a system of responsibility and accountability.

Your compensation request is for a full time position. I am requesting that you show a transparency report that can account for that. Thank you for your work.

As long as everything is there transparency reports arent journals nor articles for one to spend his time on writing as that isnt work to work on keep that in mind, however any non dev focus that isnt clear one can clarify it more in writing if need be, otherwise any dev work can be seen on open source platforms such as github, onchain and shared documents planned for release. Cant simply do assumptions out of thin air and go by it @feddas. If there is anything else unclear please let me know.

And do check my reply on your previous comment. Thank you.

Your summary just isn’t sufficient enough. It’s like asking all token holders to “just go and find the information yourself”. I am on the operations call every week for the past 6 months (except for 1 or 2 of them) and I cannot determine what your transparency report means.

Where are these development posts? Are they posts outlining the development work that has been done over the past month?

Where there any posts put up this month? Could you link them?

I don’t know of any contributors that we’ve needed to on-board.

Current website has a broken treasury dashboard for over 6 months (that I know of) what preps are you working on?

Yes, I see the onchain proposal that you put up on the same day as this report (which was supposed to be done by 6/7, over a week ago.

Could you elaborate a bit please?

The only thing that has recent commits is the Yam On Chain proposals.

You have a responsibility to the Yam token holders to produce a report that anyone can read and get caught up to date on what you are working on. It does not need to have every single detail, but it needs to be better than above.

If you arent completely focusing on yam i do understand that you can miss or get confused on somethings. I discussed previously very important things and you wasnt there but also thats the reason i pinged you afterwards with related information.

The development docs i already shared few days ago. That will be open to the public in the next week once i finalize it, as already mentioned.

Sure, linking and theres more to be up thats being processed

Correct yet you dont, i onboarded individuals that im working with and you should see reflected efforts on github in the coming weeks, thats related and is within the dev docs post.

Completely a whole new website, which is also clarified and detailed in the dev docs.


Yam Contracts. Have you red the docs that i shared with you? If not please do. You would have had a sense of whats going on.

There are other such as, and, and, and private repos, see dev docs.

Surely, and you are speaking with a token holder, whos time, money and efforts are heavily invested working towards valuable outcomes for yam, as well appreciate contributors endeavors for adding value to yam, thats the top priority, i also prefer and value actual work than wall of detailed text, which some can be useful, but most important is actual work, so yes i tend to focus more on the goal rather than detailing every single commit or line i write in reports. We also have everything open for a reason so anyone access it through github. And im very happy to clarify anything thats unclear or is still yet to be released.

The whole point of the transparency report is not only for me but for all interested parties. I have been spending a significant amount of my time for free trying to figure out how to support Yam DAO. Even I cannot fully understand your posts.

It would be great to get those public so everyone can understand what you plan on working on and also be able to give feedback. At this point in Yam’s reorg, you should get this approved for compensation before actually starting on the work.

Again: It would be great to get those public so everyone can understand what you plan on working on and also be able to give feedback. At this point in Yam’s reorg, you should get this approved for compensation before actually starting on the work.

Currently the re-org of Yam requires that you state what you want to do, get feedback and approval, then do it. I think this is where some of us are confused as to what you are doing. So let’s work on the this process because as a Yam token holder, I want to know what the treasury is spending money on before it’s done and needs to be paid.

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Indeed its not only for you, no one said otherwise. And well i am explaining it to you, to as well pinged you of what youve missed and shared multiple documents related.

This has nothing to do with yam reorg. Like i mentioned previously i am in support of these ideas to be value add, but i have a different vision on how to accomplish long term yam benefits. Which is also something i spoke about on the meetings, included as well in the prepared docs.

Yes agreed i already stated about public as thats the main goal, which is what have been focused on for weeks now.

Pinging me and sending docs to me via PM and not publicly on forum or discord is not transparent. Do you understand this?

While that is great, that you have your own vision for long term Yam. As a token holder I am requesting that you publicly submit for approval and feedback before you start work on your own vision. Best course for transparency is to request compensation for work in preparing your vision after your vision is reviewed/approved by token holders.

What @feddas is asking for and the point of the re-org is that the DAO should be paying for work only when it is documented. The issue is that this work that you say you are doing is not documented so there is no way to tell whether it has been done.

The transparency reports and grant proposals are a summary so that normal token holders, who decide whether contributors should get paid, can understand what is going on and determine whether they think that work is valuable and the amount paid is fair. This is why having the information presented is so important. Look at the yambassadors proposal. The lack of information and clarity around the scope initially is what lead us to approve the work at the price snake suggested. Only after we got more information (and I did a bunch of reasearch) did I come to the conclusion that the proposal was not good value for money. We should be able to do the same for the work that everyone who contributes to YAM does.

This is exactly the kind of thing that needs to be included. This isn’t “writing a wall of text.” It is documenting the work that you have done and making it easy for the people who pay you (token holders) to determine that it is done.

If it isn’t public, then in the eyes of the DAO and in terms of getting paid, it hasn’t happened! Why should token holders pay us just for saying we have done it without any evidence? This is why I spend the time to document the work I have done. That is our responsibility to the DAO. It is a contingency of being paid by the DAO. If we don’t like it then we don’t have to contribute

sorry to nitpick here, but this was done this month (June) so it should have no bearing on last month’s report. The review of the on-chain transaction shouldn’t be double counted as management and on-chain preps prep and deployment.

Let’s do it! Anyone should be able to see everything that is going on at YAM on a monthly cadence. Token holders aren’t paying us to work on secret projects. We work on public projects.

What is this different vision? please publish these docs. No one is going to steal the ideas if we publish. No one cares enough. I know since no-one reads anything I write. But I will read your ideas and discuss them. And maybe together we will realize that our visions aren’t different. For now, how can we know without being able to see the documents.

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I do. Its still in progress and i fully agree about that it should to be posted in public.

Totally agreed, and in full support of transparency and open source, first step is to get it out there, collect feedback, then proceed for signaling.

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Engineering Lead / Fullstack / Infrastructure

Last Month

Next Month

  • Development and general proposals
  • Development posts
  • Onboarding further contributors
  • Continue develop, support and oversee the Yam protocol projects
  • Maintain infrastructure

The work that you have listed in the post above appears to be a part of a multi-month, multi-contributors effort with significant costs to Yam DAO. This effort/cost has not been approved via governance nor was it publicly available for token holders to read / understand / provide feedback / approve.

Why should Yam DAO pay you $xxx (you haven’t requested the contribution amount like other contributors)?

Correct, as im still on the previous model with all efforts, time and intentions directly going towards the benefits of the Yam DAO, and yet to transition into the new where we propose ideas prior execution.

Now moving forward as i have stated above, the posts and docs has just been released with a basic preview material, and currently im collecting feedback from the community to then proceed with the signaling, next will be moving in this direction.

Could you adjust your post to reflect currently accepted structure for transparency reports?
see: 22.06.03- Specific Architectures (Ross) Contributor Compensation Request

I asked you to update your transparency report from last month to the current structure:

E Contributor report for May 22

Timeframe: Month of May.
Comp rate: $9917 in USDC with 21250 YAM based on the 30day avg. ($0.20) value for YAM.
Worked: 40 hrs x 4 weeks.
Background: Contributions E has made to Yam are numerous from the very beginning of the launch to date, focusing mostly on its core development.
Goals: Pushing yam forward to reach its initial value and surpass it as we progress into the future.

Work Done

Lessons Learned

For yam to gain further values, on a protocol level it must accomplish several milestones and be up to the level and base standards to lead by example (speaking of what i see attractive out there, such as uniswap aave compound optimism uma chainlink and others …), which from comes the main purpose of the yam dev documents that i have been working on and recently posted for further feedback collection. I believe going through this path will give yam a solid core yet a scalable and attractive model with value add long term.

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