2022-06-03 - Designer's Silo Compensation Report for May 2022

Title: 2022-06-03 - Designer contributor compensation report for May 22

Rate: Monthly Rate is $8000 in USDC with the remaining compensation in YAM (I did not do the calculation on the Yam portion because I don’t know the relevant TWAP is).

Time-frame: May 1st - May 31

Hours Worked: 30 hrs x 4 weeks

Wallet for payment: 0x3fdced6b5c1f176b543e5e0b841cb7224596c33c


Designer has been contributing to Yam since near its inception. This report is for the first month of work performed under the Yam Reorg Silo.


Helped define and interpret Yam Reorg. Specifically, simplifying work that has been done by @ross into a more easily understandable form.

Work Done

In May my focus was on ‘making it all make sense’, so to speak. Essentially, the process of taking volumes of reorg information and 1) collaborating to figure out how to present the Yam Reorg in a website structure that is being created by @chilly (working within his own silo), and 2) editing the information and distilling it to the essence of what the Yam Reorg is all about, including the process leading up to, and the conclusions that have defined up to this point – all within short and easily readable articles which have links to the details within @Ross’ yam.doc.super.site.

Note: Article #2, 3 and 4 are the main thrust of work for the month of June. A separate proposal will be submitted in the next few days for that work to occur within the already created Yam Re-Org Silo structure. The Yam Reorg Silo work will likely be ongoing until the new reorg structure is fully defined and in place.

Silo Collaboration

I am working as one of two members (@ross is the other member) of the Yam Reorg Silo. The work that I am producing is based on work that Ross is doing as we work in an iterative and collaborative manner. In addition, both Ross and I are working in collaboration with @chilly who works from his own silo (the Design Studio Silo) and is a key part of the work that the Yam Reorg Silo is performing.

Lessons Learned

The Yam Re-Org is an extensive rethinking and redesign of the Yam. As such, creating a new model is similar to creating a new protocol. It’s less work than that because much of the current Yam DAO gov structure and other infrastructure pieces are being retained. But it’s more work in some sense because as we create the new model or structure it must be held up against the old Yam DAO model.

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