2022-07-06 - Designers' June Silo Compensation Report

Title: 2022-07-06 - Designers’ June Silo Compensation Report

This report includes compensation request for the month of June based on the YAM ReOrg Silo and it’s 3 month Grant Request (June-August) YAM ReOrg 3 month Grant Request (June-August) - #2 by ross

Rate: Range 20 to 30 hrs/week = $6,800 minimum and $10,200 maximum per month (compensation based on $85 per hr)

Time-frame: June1st - June 30th.

Hours Worked: 30 hrs x 4 weeks (120 hrs at $85 per hr) = $10,200.
Total amount to be split 70% in USDC and 30% in YAM at the 30-day TWAP price on the first day of the month after the month for which compensation is being requested.

Wallet for payment: 0x3fdced6b5c1f176b543e5e0b841cb7224596c33c


Designer has been contributing to Yam since near its inception. This report is for the first month of work performed under the Yam Reorg Silo.


Helped define and interpret Yam Reorg. Specifically, simplifying work that has been done by @ross into a more easily understandable form.

Work Done

In June I focused on the writing New Yam Org Model articles #2, 3 and #4. In addition, part of this process included creating a set of naming and language conventions and coordinated all articles with those conventions.

Notably, Article #4 - A New Yam Org Model was the culmination what the new Yam model is and how it works. As such it required more time than the other three articles. For instance it introduces the new models 3 main components (silos, grants and gov-ops); the 3 main participants (Yam voters, grant recipients and system facilitators). It features extensive explainer graphics throughout that impart a simple to grasp understanding of the new model. It also defines how the new model meets the goals and objectives of the Yam Re-Org, shows how the new model locks into the existing Yam infrastructure and defines progress and next steps for the Yam Re-Org as a whole.

Additional work includes participation in operations calls and other DAO related tasks.

Silo Collaboration

Inner silo collaboration is with @ross who is the architect of much of the Re-Org. His review and input on the articles has been critical. He is also the author of the Yam Re-Org (Yam Replanted) docs which are highly leveraged as links in the explainer articles.

In terms of silo-to-silo collaboration, all of the articles are dependent on work from @chilly and his Design Studio Silo. He creates finalized graphics from my sketches and formatting and publishing these articles on yam.super.site.

Lessons Learned

Seeing these four articles in final form confirms the importance of their existence in helping to convey the essence and value of the new model. The first four articles are essentially a series that defines ‘what the new model is’.

For the month of July my intention is to write a series of articles on ‘how the new model works and how to use it’.

Future articles to include:
Article #5 - Yam Grants: A Case Study
Article #6 - Yam Grants: How to Apply
Article #7 - Yam Grants: Deliverables
Article #8 - Yam Grants: Compensation.