2022-09 - E Monthly transparency report

E Contributor report


Timeframe: Month of September.
Background: Contributions E has made to Yam are numerous from the very beginning of the launch to date, focusing on core developments.
Goals: Pushing yam forward to reach its initial value and surpass it as we progress into the future.
Yams: Vesting over 6 months based on the 30day avg. value ($0.133). :sweet_potato:

A - Core Development

Comp: $8k in USDC with 15037 YAM (2k / 0.133).
Work: 80h per month.

B - Govops / Infrastructure - Approved

Comp: 60150 YAM (80 * 100 / 0.133).
Work: 80h per month.

0xE sorry bud you have NOT been approved for 鈥淐ore Development鈥 work:
Here鈥檚 the snapshot
And the entire forum post where we鈥檝e said it was unacceptable what you were doing

The fact that your still asking to be paid for it, says a lot about you and what your motivations are.

What are you implying?

E you are out of hand. It鈥檚 clear token holders have not approved your core work.
This is not the first time this has happened and probably won鈥檛 be the last.
You are not doing what is right for Yam.

TD does not approve of this compensation request until it is done properly.
Let me be clear, No you will not be approved to be paid for gov ops work if you do not remove core development work.
Play stupid games win stupid prizes.

Its done properly and split in two sections that what was requested last time, it was updated previously and here it follows the same model, but now you are opposing it for no reason, its as easy as commenting on which section you see fitting instead of not approving the whole thing. This is my transparency report based of the work that i have done in this period of time, so im not really sure what you want other than keeping the obstruction going. Is that doing whats right for yam you think, i dont think so, its just sad.

Look, we spoke about this in a call with @ross @jpgs.eth @designer.
It was clear to everyone that you need to split your requests because one hasn鈥檛 been approved and one has been approved.
These are quotes from 鈥渓ast time鈥 you did the same thing:

You have been actively subverting Yam DAO and the approved processes for many months now.

Thats you and youre doing it here as well.

I did split it afterwards.

So it was clear, the split was previously done with an update to the text through a revision, and is currently done directly, im not sure whats so hard to understand, the request was to split it, its split.

You need two different forum posts is what is meant by separating or splitting.

Why is this actually important?

Anyone reading your first post would assume that you are being compensated for 鈥渃ore development鈥 when it hasn鈥檛 been approved. It鈥檚 the same problem as last month鈥 and there were comments by both Ross and Jpgs that said this.

Also follow the forum template, these are no longer 鈥渢ransparency reports鈥, they are request for compensation. The entire forum template was updated by @ross and all these systems put into place but I don鈥檛 know why you choose not to follow along. If you just look at this forum category, everyone one else鈥檚 posts are the same format except for yours.

Yo feddas take a breather. If they don鈥檛 get it, its okay. Best to move on.
I know yam means a lot to you, but no need to get so heated.
Just find a different solution instead of beating a dead horse.

The comments were to split it within the same post, it was not split, i updated it to be split.

You keep arguing and blocking yam from innovation, youre wasting my time and other peoples time, is that bringing value to yam or is it blocking people from doing what they are supposed to do, move along and progress. The information is there, its obvious.

I wont argue more, you and jpgs are going in circles about something that has absolutely no value as always, and now youve been preventing my pay. Your actions are destroying yam, its saddening.

No it wasn鈥檛, 3 different people said it makes more sense as a separate POST. Either way, I don鈥檛 want to argue the point anymore. If you want to get paid for the gov-ops work just make it clear in your first post above or separate post whatever you feel like doing.