2022-10-05 - Feddas contributor compensation request

Title: 2022-10-05 - Feddas contributor compensation request

Rate: Enter Hourly Rate - $85/h, 100% in yam tokens based on the 30day avg value.
Gov-ops Beta Approval
Treasury Management Silo Approval

Time-frame: 9/1/2022-9/30/2022

Hours Worked: 30 Hours of Gov-Ops for the month
Treasury management silo is based on milstones - in progress
Total = $2550 USD in Yam Tokens Vested for 6 months

Wallet for payment: 0xbdac5657eDd13F47C3DD924eAa36Cf1Ec49672cc


Gov-Ops council was a beta test that ended at the end of September. Renewal must be passed in order to continue compensation.


Test Gov-Ops - Ultimately works fine, but no new outside grants other than current contributors.

Work Done

Work I did in gov-ops was primarily to evaulate 0xE’s request for grant: 0xE’s Request
Which was submitted improperly because it was both a request for retroactive payment and also request for future payment. It was explained to him to split these two items into different forums but never completed.

Also evaulated Ross’s Grant to continue Yam “Re-Org” Which was properly submitted.

Lessons Learned

Yam DAO does not and has not had for at least a year any contributors that are able to work on any third party grants. What we can do is only provide funding and exposure to any third parties requesting partnerships / collaborations or the like. It would make more sense if Yam DAO created a request of what we need / want and provided the specifications for such a task, then tried to find the right people for it. Gov-Ops needs less stewarding and more cultivating.

I will do more of the operations side of gov-ops and add cultivating into my role.

Td approves, thank you

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