22.05.04 - Specific Architectures (Ross) Contributor Compensation Request

22.05.04 - Specific Architectures (Ross) Contributor Compensation Request

Specific Architectures is the name of my LLC

Rate: Monthly Rate is $10,000/Mo.

70% ($7000) in USDC

30% ($3000) in YAM. 30-day average price for YAM is $0.22. 3000 / 0.22 = 13,636 YAM

USDC Amount Backup: Snapshot

Yam Amount Backup: There was a mistake in prior snapshots regarding my pay rate. Per this snapshot I should receive 30% of $10,000 in YAM. This was not updated in this snapshot but should have been.

Time-frame: Month of April

Hours Worked: 8hrs x 21 days = 168 hrs

Wallet for payment: 0x88c868B1024ECAefDc648eb152e91C57DeA984d0


I am a full time contributor who has been working on improving the operations, organizational structure, and efficiency of YAM. I have also been contributing design work for YAM Synths, both conceptual and front end. My original employment proposal is located here: Full-time contributor request for Ross


I have been working on redefining and specifying a structure for YAM that allows for more accountability and flexibility around how work gets done. This entails changes to project structure as well as the structure for the day to day functioning of YAM. My goal is to turn YAM into a truly decentralized organization that does not rely on any specific group of contributors to succeed. In the last month I have been working to further refine this vision and document it along with @designer and @chillzone.

Work Done

YAM Reorg

  • Most of the process and thinking around my work this month can be seen in this document: https://yam-reorg-docs.super.site/yam-replanted. This document is still in draft form and is presented here to show progress. I will continue to work on this document in the next month and will publish this draft formally to request comments in the next days.

  • Beyond the content of the above report, I have also worked on the formatting and layout of the website in which it is presented. This too is a work in progress and will need to be coordinated with a final presentation state coordinated with @designer and @chillzone.

  • Research into governance options to complement an organizational upgrade. I specifically researched Element.fi’s new governance framework, which can be found here: https://docs.element.fi/governance-council/council-protocol-overview

Yam Synths

YAM synths is in a holding pattern right now. I had some discussions with Snake about it and will focus on it again after the re-org work.

Misc. Other

  • Coordination and strategy around solving the issues with the Vesting pool, including YIP-107

  • Treasury management research. Considering options to use Element.fi split yield tokens and/or alchemix loans to both manage the treasury and reward token holders for participation/voting.

  • Quarterly Treasury analysis and report: https://medium.com/@theRoss/yam-quarterly-treasury-report-q1-2022-810f1944af9c

  • Moderation of Discord and Forum

  • Business Development as it presents itself.

  • Review of proposals and on-chain transactions.

Lessons Learned

Last month I wrote:

The changes that we are trying to make to the DAO are broad and wide reaching. It is easy to get lost in the small details, which slows things down. It is also easy to get stuck in a state of indecisiveness when there is minimal feedback on proposals. In the next month, I plan to work with @designer and @chilly to push the proposal forward and set and end of month deadline to do so.

I hope that this will push us to make sure that the work we are doing is understandable and push the conversation out to a wider audience. It will also hopefully force us to look at the parts of the change that have not been fully fleshed out and try to do so.

We have made good progress this month on the reorg structure and what I wrote last month still holds. While we have not completed everything, I hope it is sufficient to show progress.

Looks good @ross, keep up the good work.

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