# 22.07.09 - Yam Design Studio - Compensation Request

Yam Design Studio - Compensation Request

Payment Info


Month of June

Hours Worked:

Yam Design Studio = 28 hrs/week x 4 weeks = 112 hrs

Yam Re-Org = 2 hrs/week x 4 weeks = 8 hrs

120 hrs at $85 per hr = $10,200.

Total amount to be split 70% in USDC and 30% in YAM at the 30-day TWAP price on the first day of the month after the month for which compensation is being requested.

About Us

Yam Design Studio is currently a 2 person team - myself and my IRL partner. Our background is in design, film, and fine art. We’re a small design firm.


We’re the DAO’s in-house creative studio helping design and build strong branding, imagery, and experiences for the DAO.

Work Done

  1. Branding Design of “The New Yam Dao Model” Presentation

Magazine-style layout and graphic design of a “New Yam Dao Model” presentation. This work is based on @designer’s essays written this past month.

Aesthetically, we are want to bring a bold and modern look to the Yam Brand and pursue a wild energy that can help inspire the community to participate. Our hope is that this creative direction can evolve into a style bible for the Yam Brand (if the community supports this visual direction, of course!)


  1. Development of the Yam Super Site

One of the goals of the Yam Super Site is to become an easy way for the community to track Silo Progress. We’re working on a design set-up that will allow all Silos to easily maintain and update their Silo pages.

  1. Design / Build of a “New Yam DAO Model” Exhibition in Voxels

We’re planning to create a metaverse event to celebrate the launch of the “New Yam DAO Model.” We believe that a live event in the metaverse can help activate the community around this new endeavor.

These are work-in-progress images of our design / build exhibition in the Voxels metaverse.

Lessons Learned

We are in an exciting creative flow developing branding and imagery that showcase the importance and value of the new Yam DAO model. It’s been inspiring collaborating with @designer and @ross on the development of a lot of the ideas above.

For the upcoming month we plan on finalizing the metaverse build, the new Yam DAO Direction presentation, and complete a first draft of the Yam Brand Style Guide.