#22.08.10 - Yam Design Studio - Compensation Request

#22.08.10 - Yam Design Studio - Compensation Request


Month of July

Hours Worked:

Yam Design Studio = 32 hrs/week x 4 weeks = 120 hrs

Yam Re-Org = 2 hrs/week x 4 weeks = 8 hrs

134 hrs at $85 per hr = $11560.

Pay split is 70/30 USDC/YAM - YAM 30 Day TWAP rate is 0.136 USD/YAM

8092 USDC + 25 500 YAM

About Us

Yam Design Studio is currently a 2 person team - Chilly and Lam. We’re a small design firm with extensive experience in design, film, and motion graphics.


We’re a creative studio design and build strong branding, imagery, and experiences for the DAO.

Work Done

1. Finalized the Yam Re-Org Site.

We collaborated closely with other contributors such as @designer and @ross to finalize a design for the Yam Re-Org Site. They provided invaluable design feedback to help us reach a clean, warm, and welcoming design language for the website.

The Yam Re-Org Site homepage, with an aesthetic that is both playful and minimal. The sketchbook lines in the design signal that this work is not final and welcomes the community to get involved and sketch in as well.

We’ve established Yam Silo pages that are easy for contributors to update on their own via Notion. The Silo pages have a standardized format for the community to be able to review the goals and progress reports of each Silo

We created a design layout for @designer and @ross’s articles on the Yam Re-Org that we hope both flows well and is visually engaging to read. As more articles are written we will upload and lay them out visually on our Yam Re-Org site.

2. Yam Work in Progress Brand Visuals

Below are some test graphics we’ve workshopped internally for Yam Brand Marketing Visuals. The goal with the graphics is to create a bold and modern look for the Yam Brand with an inspiring energy that would motivate the community to get involved.

Part of the Yam Design Studio process is to test out ideas. While some of the graphics below won’t be used in Yam Marketing, it was an important step to help us reach a final design that is in harmony with our past but also inspires for the future.

Some work in progress images for social to promote the Yam Re-Org

Some work in progress animated graphics for social to promote the Yam Re-Org

3. Yammies / Yam Punks NFT Drop

Work in progress drawings of the Yam Punks project. We recently revived this project and generated a first 10K batch.

We’re going through a revision round on the aesthetics and workshopping a novel distribution concept.

Some test exports.

Fun work in progress marketing video.

Lessons Learned

We believe that the new YAM org is an exciting model that can empower the community. We want to push hard on to convince the Yam community to get involved. The concerns and feedback re: the treasury redemption vote have been taken to heart. Yam has fallen into tough times but we want to help contribute something innovative and exciting to help re-energize the DAO.

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