22.09.05 - Feddas contributor compensation request

22.09.05 - Feddas contributor compensation request

Feddas - Gov Ops and Treasury Managment Silo

Compensation Request

Gov Ops Approval:

Treasury Management Silo Approval:

Gov-Ops Council Member August 2022
Time Commitment: 30 Hours
Comp: Base rate of $85/h, 100% in yam tokens based on the 30day avg value.
Total = $2550 USD in Yam Tokens Vested for 6 months

Treasury Management Silo Milestones 1&2 Complete

  1. 2 Week – Requirements Doc
  2. 4 Weeks - Evaluate current investment strategy of a moderately portfolio targeting < 0.75 Beta and < 0.5 Correlation. Incorporate ideas around protocol owned liquidity and long term governance adjustments. Make recommendations.

6 Weeks @ 25 hours a week = 150 Hours at $85 per hour
Total = $12,750 split 70% Stables and 30% Yam vested for 6 months.

Net Total
$8925 Stables / $6375 Vested $YAM

Wallet for payment: 0xbdac5657eDd13F47C3DD924eAa36Cf1Ec49672cc


In June I was approved to re-evaulate and adjust Yam’s treasury management.
In August I joined gov-ops council to assist.


In the treasury management silo, I am currently working on divesting the assets into the new allocation model and creating the protocol owned liquidity.
In Gov-Ops I am helping in pushing forward standard proceedures to enable long term success of Yam

Work Done

Treasury Management Silo:
Requirements Doc

Evaulualtion of current treasury management and investment strategies with recommendations:

Approval of the changes to treasury management strategies:

Discussions around contributor timlyness and proceedures.
Talk about value added projects to Yam vs busy work.

Lessons Learned

It is time to focus on the long term value for Yam token holders.

Thanks for your contributions Feddas!

Treasury Director Review:

  • Grant approved
  • Work complete
  • CR Approved

Thanks for all your contributions and support with Gov Ops and Treasury Management Silo. Your commitment to the treasury and the token holders is appreciated.