22.09.05 - Yam Design Studio - Compensation Request

#22.09.05 - Yam Design Studio - Compensation Request


Month of August

Hours Worked:

Yam Design Studio = 32 hrs/week x 4 weeks = 128 hrs

Yam Re-Org = 1 hrs/week x 4 weeks = 4 hrs

132 hrs at $85 per hr = $11220.

Pay split is 70/30 USDC/YAM - YAM 30 Day TWAP rate is 0.16 USD/YAM

  • 7854 USDC + 21037.5 YAM*

About Us

Yam Design Studio is currently a 2 person team - Chilly and Lam. We’re a small design firm with extensive experience in design, film, and motion graphics.


We’re a creative studio design and build strong branding, imagery, and experiences for the DAO.

Work Done

1. Yam Brand Guidelines V1

We designed, workshopped, and published for review Version 1 of the Yam Brand Guidelines document on the forums.

The goal of this document is create strong brand style guidelines that collaborators can use to work with a cohesive style for the DAO.

The brand guidelines explore logo, color palette, typography, along with some example use cases of the style guide in execution.

Examples of Creative Content with the Brand Guidelines applied:

2. Update the Yam Re-Org Site

We slightly re-organized and published the Yam Grants section of the website, with a new article on the Gov-Ops Council written by @designer.

The Grants section now contains links to three articles:

  • About Yam Grants
  • Yam Grants Step-by-Step Process
  • Gov-Ops Council

We’ve also updated the Silo section to incorporate contributor reports from July.

3. Yammies / Yam Punks Project Ideas

Posted for feedback ideas for the Yammies project.

The goal is to infuse the project with some novel features - a rebasing idea by the Yam Design Studio and Governance Rewards idea by @feddas.

4. Mock-Up Ideas for the Yam Finance Site and Yammies NFT Site

We started sketching out ideas for a Yam.Finance re-design and a Yammies NFT Site (with mint and claim functionality.) We will develop these further as a full wireframe.

5. Swag Ideas

As we workshop the color palette for the Yammies Drop - we explore how the current design might be visualized as physical wearables.

Lessons Learned

We’re excited about the first draft of the Yam Brand Guidelines and are looking forward to workshopping it with the community. Our goal is to put into the practice the ideas behind the Yam Re-Org and craft a cohesive brand identity that can both ground Yam in a strong voice but also be flexible enough to be used by a wide-range of potential Yam Grants applicants. Our next goal is to confirm and finalize a Yam Brand Guidelines and start applying those standards to our websites and creative content imagery.

We’re also looking forward to implementing outside-the-box NFT concepts to The Yammies NFT Project with the other members of the DAO.

Thanks for your contributions Chilly!

Treasury Director Review:

  • Grant approved

  • Work complete

  • CR Approved

Thanks for all your contributions and support with projects Design Studio and Re Org. With Yam becoming hyper-focused on treasury and token value Design Studio services become a “Nice to have” expense and will not be required past August.

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I would be interested in getting your thoughts on what you would consider “needed” as opposed to “nice to have.” Given that the work listed is retroactive, I assume this means you will not be voting to approve a future grant for the YAM design studio?

Are there parts of the work that Chilly has done, or plans to do that you do think are valuable and would support if he made specific proposals for that work?

I will be giving my thoughts on this as future work is proposed.

Yes, anything that directly increases the value of the treasury or the token. Nothing indirect unless someone can help me see that I am missing a critical component.