22.10.03- Specific Architectures (Ross) Contributor Compensation Request

22.10.03- Specific Architectures (Ross) Contributor Compensation Request

Payment Info


Month of September

Hours Worked

Approved Work

Gov-Ops work = 10 hrs/week * 3 weeks = 30 hours

Pending Approval

UMA = 10 hours
Yam Re-Org Silo Work = separate request

Rate and Hours

Monthly Rate varies by Silo/Project. This will be broken down below
YAM 30 Day TWAP rate is 0.14 USD/YAM

Re-Org Work

Separated into separate request


Rate for Gov-Ops = $85/hr
30 hrs * $85/hr = $3,400
Pay Split is 100% YAM
$850 / $0.14 = 6071.43 YAM

UMA Delegated Voting

Rate for other work = $62.5/hr
10 hrs * $62.50 = $625
Pay split is 70/30 USDC/YAM
$625 * 0.7 = $437.50
$625 * 0.3 / $0.14 = 1339.29 YAM

Total Compensation Request

$437.50 USDC
7410.72 YAM

Wallet for payment



I have focused on improving the operations, organizational structure, and efficiency of YAM. I have also contributed project management and design work for the YAM website and YAM Synths, both conceptual and front end. I have started doing more development work, fixing problems with the website and trying to build useful tools for the DAO. My original employment proposal is located here: Full-time contributor request for Ross


September will be my last month contributing materially to the YAM project. It has been made very clear that my contribution to YAM are no longer valued and I no longer agree with the direction in which the project is moving.

I have continued to work on designing and specifying a model for YAM that allows for more accountability and flexibility around how work gets done (the Re-Org). You can see the work that I have done on the re-org in the last month in my last grant application for it which has not been approved: https://forum.yam.finance/t/re-org-grant-application-3/1740

YAM Reorg Work

This will be included in another request as I do not have pre-approval for this work.

Voting with Treasury UMA

The Grant for this work can be found here: https://forum.yam.finance/t/evolving-past-pure-token-rewards/1739

The Specification for this project can be found here: https://forum.yam.finance/t/uma-delegated-voting-project-specification/1736

During the month of september I voted in 8 votes with the DAO’s delegated UMA. I voted correctly in all 8 and earned a total of ~1,144 UMA (~$2351) for the DAO.

Attached is a screenshot of the votes from the UMA voting dApp.

Here is a link to a spreadsheet with the the transactions: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/e/2PACX-1vSQAtdsrMs1AnnKFar5cL9dQ71KYJKCNDl2DtPROJnlr01Edx9weljrmposeECLC1FxejSgsTUVVIuP/pubhtml (this includes all and I will be using for reimbursements, but you can review the September ones)

There is a snapshot vote up to approve the grant: https://snapshot.org/#/yam.eth/proposal/0x921fee2d0a94984e28fa95c625e4ac6882b33ab999201042b335df92546d9930. I will update this document if the grant does not get approved, although it was provisionally approved by the “Treasury Manager.”


This will be my last month being a part of the Gov-Ops council. I will also cease all moderation duties any business development activities.

Lessons Learned

After almost 2 years of contributing to YAM, my time at the DAO has come to an end. I have been pushed out by Feddas and Jpgs along with everyone else. Their vision for this organization does not align with mine, and I have no desire to work with them anymore (since working with them is really just working for them). I did a bunch of work in the last month that I probably won’t get paid for (please vote here).

I have tried my best to do the things that I think are needed to turn this organization around. It has never been easy and has been made significantly harder by a lack of support or interest in the work being done. All the work I have done is open source, so Feddas and Jpgs can do as they wish with it.

TD approve pay for all work that has been approved already.

Not going to get into the drama. Tried your best but needed more focus on the treasury and token holders.