22.10.05 JPGS contributor compensation request

22.10.05 JPGS contributor compensation request

Compensation: Base rate of $85/h, 100% in 6 month vested $YAM tokens based on the 30 day avg value.

$85/h * 40h = $3400 100% $YAM tokens 6 month vested based on the 30 day avg. value.

Time-frame: Month of September.

Hours Worked: Time Commitment 40 hours.

Wallet for payment: 0x653d63E4F2D7112a19f5Eb993890a3F27b48aDa5


I have been a token holder since V3 launch and have not been a contributor until now. In August I was voted in as Treasury Director and have been working diligently to deliver the mandate.


  1. Increase the overall value of the treasury with approved investment strategy and Yam project/silos.
  2. Minimize overall expenses from the treasury.
  3. Support value added Yam projects/silos.
  4. Increase overall value of the Yam Token and Market Cap.
  5. Maintain overall investment risk profile of the treasury.

Work Done

I have spent the past month actively working to:

  1. Trying to reduce the amount of contributor work that is spent creating more contributor work that ultimately leads to contributors getting paid for things that add nothing back to YAM. Sad cycle.

Lessons Learned

There are contributors that have no interest in growing Yam DAO, only making sure that they continue to be paid by the treasury.