22.11.03 JPGS contributor compensation request

22.11.03 JPGS contributor compensation request

This is the last month of the pre-approved term as treasury director. I will not be renewing.

Compensation: Base rate of $85/h, 100% in 6 month vested $YAM tokens based on the 30 day avg value.

$85/h * 20h = $1700 100% $YAM tokens 6 month vested based on the 30 day avg. value.

Time-frame: Month of October.

Hours Worked: Time Commitment 20 hours.

Wallet for payment: 0x653d63E4F2D7112a19f5Eb993890a3F27b48aDa5


I have been a token holder since V3 launch and have not been a contributor until now. In August I was voted in as Treasury Director and have been working diligently to deliver the mandate.


  1. Protect the remaining value of Yam after redeem

Work Done

I have spent the past month actively working to:

  1. Protect the treasury from a governance attack.

Lessons Learned

It’s clear to me that many contributors were only in it for the pay. The worse are the contributors that are assisting in the bad actors who trying to redeem their portion of the Yam treasury and then donate the rest of it.