"All for One" and "One for All": How will YAM DAO's structure evolve? Community input required

Hi Yammers/Yam Fam-

We are two months post-rebase with an exciting roadmap ahead.

  • Degenerative.Finance is going into scaling mode
  • DAO House is being launched and about to get its first customers
  • Umbrella is work in progress and we prepare for a March launch

The team is growing and the existing contributor base committed as ever to develop YAM DAO into an 800lbs DeFi-Gorilla.

“Business” and monetisation models of the various protocols are becoming visible. We are super confident that the YAM story is becoming clearer by the day. The tokenomics side will be further refined throughout March to provide additional information.

However, in all of this, we also wonder what YAM DAO shall look like in 3 or 6 months?
Will it be one DAO with all projects under one roof and one token?
Or is YAM DAO going to emerge into an ecosystem , with existing protocols getting spun off into individual DAOs with their own tokens? Or there are several token projects which are all manged by YAM DAO?
Is YAM DAO going to become a “DeFi factory” that’s incubating projects and then sets them free to grow on their own?
Have you seen developments in crypto/DeFi or other projects/ecosystems that can be applied to YAM DAO easily?

In all of the above: How will the different options impact the $YAM price, the team structure, existing treasury, etc.

We want to hear from you. What ideas do you have. Please keep in mind that suggestions should be implementable and that anything we do is constrained by limited resources.

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Would we adjust the YAM strategy and structure to a bear or bull market?
Minimize expenses and transfer as much as possible to stable coins or expect a bull market and expand heavily?

It’s less about market exposure and more about organisational elements of YAM DAO.

But shouldn’t an organization and it’s element be adjusted to the expected macro-market environments?
These macro-market environment will impact the $YAM price, treasury value and as well the overall ecosystem.

So why spin off individual tokens, or even hire new developers for them, during a bearish market phase for example?

These are some serious existential questions. The future is bright and the options limitless. To some extent I think answers will emerge as each path unfolds naturally, but it’s also worth some serious thought and discussion.

Is there a roadmap for medium to long term (beyond 3-6 months)? 1, 2, 4 years? Even if just loosely iterative (because maybe DeFi just moves too fast for this?) and if so, can a budgetary range be applied to each model so operational runway can be forecasted?

My guess is, the DeFi projects (like most crypto projects) that will emerge as powerhouses are the ones with the strongest communities, developers, brainpower and network effects. Off the cuff, I think spinning off separate DAO’s and tokens could dilute the power of all these projects/products under one roof.

But I also think there are many benefits and considerations regarding other options as well.