Change leader Yam要更换团队领导人,现在的对产品没有深刻的理解

This community governance is just a castle in the air. It’s just that the few people in the original team just want to go their own way. They listened to them and couldn’t make good products. They didn’t understand what rebase is, and they didn’t understand economic design. It was the only thing that could accumulate consensus. To be removed, too short-sighted.


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No, Let’s maintain a stable core team. If there is anything we need to improve or change, we change it through our community voting system. Currently, we do need to speed up many things such as voting period. We all together can make Yam great and we must make it great!

Yam需要一个稳定的core团队, 社区也是需要一个稳定的core团队。 如果要改变通过投票系统来改进现在的流出和机制,比如说现在的投票流程还是太冗长。 一起来共建一个强大的yam社区!

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Just want to clarify - the remove rebase proposal has been facilitated by the team, but it’s not coming from the team specifically. It’s a response to the community’s push to remove it. Additionally, no proposal can move forward if it doesn’t get enough community support. The process usually begins with informal conversations on our Discord and here on the Forum, then a Request for Feedback/Forum poll on a correctly formatted YIP (“Yam Improvement Proposal”),then a snapshot vote that meets quorum requirements, and then finally an on-chain vote. So there are, at minimum, three touch-points where the community can weigh in on any proposed changes and communicate how they feel about them and whether they think there should be changes to the proposal. It’s not something that the contributor team can unilaterally push through. Also, I don’t think that’s healthy leadership, even if we could do that.

That said, I hear you on mourning the rebase. What I can say is that I think there are still plenty of people in our community who value rebase and the potential it could have in the future, so there’s a very strong likelihood that we launch a different rebasing token as a Yam product in the future through our Yam Factory initiative. If that’s something you are interested in, I strongly recommend you visit the Discord and advocate for some kind of elastic finance product in the #yam-factory discord channel.


只是想澄清-团队已为移除变基提案提供了便利,但它并非专门来自团队。这是对社区推动将其删除的回应。此外,如果没有足够的社区支持,任何提案都无法向前推进。该过程通常从在我们的Discord和论坛上的非正式对话开始,然后是在格式正确的YIP(“ Yam Improvement Proposal”)上进行“反馈/论坛”民意调查,然后根据满足法定人数的要求进行快照投票,然后最终链上投票。因此,社区至少可以在三个接触点上权衡任何提议的更改,并交流他们对提议的看法以及他们是否认为应该对该提议进行更改。贡献者团队无法单方面推动这一过程。另外,即使我们可以做到,我也不认为这是健康的领导才能。

就是说,我听到您在哀悼这个基地。我可以说的是,我认为我们社区中仍然有很多人重视重新定基及其在将来可能具有的潜力,因此很有可能我们将来会推出不同的重新定标令牌作为Yam产品通过我们的薯类工厂计划。如果您对此感兴趣,强烈建议您访问Discord,并在#yam-factory discord频道中倡导某种弹性金融产品。

If you don’t want yam to die, you should decisively look for differentiated markets to rebuild products and communities. I agree with the new approach to let products and communities follow yam’s vision.