Coingecko cleanup and public perception

We should use some of the treasury funds to pay Coingecko to:

  • Delist YAMv1 immediately
  • Enlarge banner of Yamv2 explaining the migration process. Eventuality YAMv2 should also be delisted.
    -Reset All Time High for YAMv3, most people will dismiss YAM as a pump and dump if they see it is 95% down from all time high. No they will not care to learn or know what a rebasing token is.

Same for other exchanges, also is it possible to rename the old token contracts? And make sure we are listed properly on Uniswap?

Yay or nay?


I support your proposal. It looks great.

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very important we address this… there’s way too much confusion over price and rebasing

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Coingecko is not a marketplace where you can order information. Maybe if devs asked nicely they could edit something but I do not think they could delist v1 in any case.

You can pay them for ad campaigns, it’s a similar situation here