Contributor Compensation Frameworks

Contributor Compensation Frameworks

The purpose of these framework is to provide the necessary structure to onboard and compensate contributors for their work on YAM’s decentralized community and open source code.


We propose a new Governor contract, specifically used for contributor funding, to be established with lower quorum, voting time, and timelock requirements. The goal of these changes is to allow a smaller portion of the YAM community to manage organizational needs, while the longer time delay will allow for the broader YAM community to have oversight over any payments the compensation Governor makes.

  • Governor Parameters:
    • Proposal Quorum: 25,000 BoU (50% GovernorAlpha requirement)
    • Minimum Acceptance Quorum: 100,000 BoU “For” Votes (50% GovernorAlpha requirement)
    • Voting Period: 3 days
    • Time Delay: 7 days
    • Spending Limit: 20,000 yUSD/week or 80,000 yUSD/month

On-going Contributor Onboarding and Payment Process:

The following is the process for those hoping to receive consistent compensation for their contributions to the Yam protocol, its community, and its products.

  • Active Participation
    • In general, the first step to becoming a full time contributor will be active participation in the community, such as contributing code or writing proposals.
  • Signalling Interest
    • If contributors would like to be compensated as an on-going contributor they can signal their interest via the forum, detailing their participation and past experience.
  • Community Discussion
    • The community will then have an opportunity to ask questions, and signal any support or concerns.
  • Snapshot Vote
    • A Snapshot vote will be created detailing the expected monthly compensation, vesting schedule, roles and responsibilities, and amount of expected hours worked
  • Monthly Payments
    • Payments will be processed on a monthly basis, submitted onchain through the compensation Governor. These will be retroactive payments, not forward looking.
  • Monthly Contribution Updates
    • Prior to payment vote, contributors to be paid will provide an overview of their contributions and work during the past month. These will not in general be used to determine whether compensation should be paid, but to track performance more generally.
  • Termination
    • If a contributor elects to move on from the project or token holders believe they are no longer suited to receive compensation for their contributions, payment may be stopped and unvested YAM returned to the Contributor Vesting Pool.
      • If contributor elects to stop receiving compensation:
        • A snapshot vote and then onchain vote will be held to return unvested YAMs to the Contributor Vesting Pool.
      • If token holders believe a contributor should no longer be compensated:
        • A Snapshot vote will be held to gain consensus regarding ceasing payment and removing unvested YAMs, followed by an onchain vote to return unvested YAMs to the Contributor Vesting Pool.

Contract Contributor Framework:

The following is a framework to provide compensation for contributors interested in working on a specific project in the Yam ecosystem. This framework can be used to compensate an individual contributor or a group.

  • Project Proposal
    • The first step in the contract-based compensation process is the submission of a project proposal to the YAM governance forum. This may be posted by the contract-seeking contributor or someone else in the community, and may or may not include a specific budget.
  • Project Volunteering
    • Following a project proposal, or included within it, the prospective contributor(s) will detail their relevant experience, desired budget, and estimated time to completion in a forum post.
  • Community Discussion
    • The community will then have a chance to ask questions and signal support or concerns in the forum.
  • Snapshot Vote
    • A Snapshot vote will be submitted to approve the proposed project budget, including links to the original project proposal and volunteer post.
  • Payment
    • Unless negotiated prior, payment will be processed via onchain vote from the compensation Governor following project completion.
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Google translates this to:
The code is complete, are you ready to prepare for the audit? Five weeks for the audit?

I see this is up for snapshot vote now but there is zero discussion on the matter. Would like to see some feedback before voting.

It’s been 20 days. No discussion so far. How long should we wait for discussion?

Sounds like it’s good to go. Probably gonna need to go thru the process before any real issues come out. First we need to elect a Contributor Manager IMHO.