Contributor Compensation Request Template

Title: YYMMDD - [contributor name] contributor compensation request

Rate: Enter Hourly Rate - link to Pre-approval if there is one.
Include Total Compensation in USD and your desired split between USD and YAM (up to 70% USD).

Time-frame: Enter dates over which work occurred and for which you are requesting compensation .

Hours Worked: Enter number of hours of work performed.

Wallet for payment: Enter Ethereum wallet for payment here.


Give a little background on who you are and what you have been working on during the time period for which you are requesting compensation. If you have a pre-approval with this information in it, link to it.


What were the goals that you were trying to accomplish in the time-frame for which you are requesting compensation.

Work Done

What did you achieve during the time-frame for which you are requesting compensation? Please be as thorough as possible and include links to relevant work (Forum, discord, github, etc.).

  • item 1
  • item 2…

Lessons Learned

What are you planning on working on next? What have you learned from this last work period that you will apply to your next tasks. How can the DAO or other contributors support you more to do your job better?