Contributor Compensation Terms


This proposal is to clarify and approve the terms that should be followed by contributors for their compensations to be included in the monthly cycle, with further details on the flow from start to end.


Every month we create an onchain proposal that include contributors compensations, specifying below the terms within the flow that will be followed:

  1. The contributor must have an approved proposal of the cycle mentioned on their transparency report.
  2. Transparency reports of previous work must be submitted last on the 5th of the next month.
  3. A flexible time of 3 days is open for reviews and disputes from token holders and treasury director (from 5th to 8th UTC).
  4. The onchain proposal preparation of the cycle will be updated accordingly.
  5. Once finalized the onchain proposal will be deployed and voted on.
  6. Contributors will get their compensations +7 days after the onchain is deployed and passes successfully (as per how the current onchain setup is running).


Contributors should follow these terms to be included in the onchain proposals.