Create a wrapper token wYAM

Create a wrapper ERC20 token wYAM, one wYam is equivalent to one Yam V2. Unlike Yam V2, wYAM and Yam V3 can be converted to each other. In this way, wYAM could be easily traded on the CEX.


Yes, it is indeed unwise to destroy v2, v2 still has the mining value of sushi, and it is listed on huobi, but v3 cannot have this.

Sushi V2 farm will be dropped pretty soon. Yam is just v3, we should not waste time in v2 anymore.

this seems overly complex. it would be easier just to create a yam/yam2 pool for swapping. perhaps balancer or uniswap will natively support rebase pools soon?

either way i agree we should focus our attention on developing yam.

Personally, I think it’s a bad idea!