Create and Fund Uniswap yam-eth Farming Pool

*** Basic Summary/Abstract ***

This is a long painful point already. Let’s facing the problem and funding it using the yam in treasure or reserve.

*** Motivation ***

Make Yam Community Consensus United Again!

*** Risks ***

The only to send some yam in treasure back to incentive the community to create uniswap pool.

*** Specifications ***

  1. Fund the same size of BoU with sushiswap.
  2. Create or re-use the uniswap pool for yam farming.
Make Yam Great!
  • Yes, funding uniswap pool
  • No, let’s keep them in treasure

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Not necessary. Sushi has recovered some from their lows and there has been some good news recently which is reflected in their price and platform liquidity. If there was no sushi incentive which the DAO currently capitalizes upon, I’d agree.

If the sushi rewards stop, we should revisit then.

Uniswap is still the king of kings. They totally fit into the YAM DNA. The Uniswap protocol retroactive airdrop to every pour soul. We should never forget Uniswap and that only only should be a reason to zip this Uniswap pool. Yes for me.

Some result oriented pragmatism would be great!

Or let’s hire two decentralized exchange experts; write a long decentralized exchange mission statement and have weeks of intellectual strategy discussions on Discord instead.