Create new rebase token

  1. Why send it?
    If the rebase mechanism of yam tokens is deleted now, yam’s original intention is to become a stable currency and become a counter-inflation caused by the government’s random issuance of legal tender. However, if the rebase mechanism is closed, yam will be the same as ordinary equity tokens. The scale of currency is very large, much larger than securities, we should not be short-sighted.
  2. How to send it?
    If the reset mechanism of yam tokens is deleted now, then we should also create a new reset mechanism through the treasury and distribute it to existing yam holders in proportion
  3. What are the benefits?
    The advantage is that we can grow the yam ecosystem and continue to carry out rebase experiments. This is a great innovation. We should not fall behind; at the same time, it does not prevent yam from becoming a normal token to cooperate with other organizations; at the same time, we have room for future imagination. , Should continue to improve, rather than close the rebase mechanism.
    What’s the disadvantage?
  4. The disadvantages may divert the token value
create new rebase token
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