Create YAM wallet token for YAM holder’s compensation and mining pool lucky draw

Create YAM wallet token for YAM holder’s compensation and mining pool lucky draw.

Most investors believe this project has a bright future, but the treasury
heavily strike the early investors, even caused investors to tear each other. The worst situation could be new users are scared away.
In order to comfort early investors and to attract new user, a proper compensation is absolutely necessary. Because we feed the treasury up with our blood.
I believe that it will be very easy to design a defi wallet for the project team, even within a short time. The wallet is not just for now, it will be used along with the spreading of the project, even makes project bigger and stronger.
Here’s the details of YAM wallet—
a. Name: YAMY
b. Function: crypto wallet/ defi portal site/ mobile payment/ staking
c. Max supply: 10,000,000
d. Reasonable initial price: 3~5 usdt
e. Distribution:
50% airdrop to YAM holders, but exclude YAMv2 holders(YAMv2 seems to be the
stumbling block to YAM)
30% Lucky draw in mining pool
one big prize of 10,000 YAMY token and 40 happy prizes of 1,000 YAMY token in
yusd-yam and eth-yam pool each week, continuously 30 weeks.
one address one draw, minimum 5-day mining in a week, prizes draw out at the last
day of the week by random computer pick up.
10% treasury fund
6% project team reward
2.5% wallet development reward
1.5% proposer reward

Airdrops are given by claim at one time. All kind of rewards are 60-day linear released.
Token distribution can be prior to the launch of YAMY wallet.
This plan can be announced at the second day once the proposal passed. Proceeds with the airdrop 10~15 days after announcement, which can attract more buyers and investment in. Put the prize into the mining pools when ready. Wallet launch date depends on program is perfect or not. All exact dates can be announced later day when decided. These announcements will be much helpful in promoting YAM.

Right now the whole community full of failure atmosphere. We fully support this project with faith. But we got incredible loss in return. All early investors here deserve an encouraging compensation, and the plan above is the easiest and the fastest way.

If you agree with this proposal, please leave a “for” in message board, even there’s something needs to modify.
if you totally against this proposal, leave a “No”.

By Hanson



i really really support your proposal !!!

I watched too many complain, but that can’t solve problem.
We need some active plan to save investors and this good project.



It seems like a good idea, hoping the community will support this.


This proposal reeks of desperation as a result of the market selloff.

Designing a defi wallet is a different skillset from solidity development so there doesn’t exist anybody on the project who would be willing to develop this. There’s a reason you don’t see DeFi platforms creating or sponsoring wallets, and that’s because mature solutions already exist (MetaMask, Trustwallet, etc.)

Creating an additional valueless token is bad for the brand and won’t achieve the goal you’re seeking (reparations for short-term market losses). The “reasonable initial price” note is laughable and indicates a misunderstanding of basic supply/demand economics. Nobody would buy this token and the price would crash to 0 immediately.


truly respect your analysis, but any better idea?

I think it’s a bad idea. I’m strongly opposed to it. Unlimited money has no meaning and no value.What we need to do now is to make appropriate adjustments to the project, push forward the project to gain revenue as soon as possible, and get the project on track to gain value quickly.

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respect, as long as any active and efficient way by any member will do.
not just talking and complain.

Don’t need a new token or wallet. Would rather see proportional drops based on stake time etc rather than random drawings.


Good idea, now we should get more attention from the market.