Current contributors, Yam DAO, silo statues 10/5/2022

Current contributors, Yam DAO, silo statues 10/5/2022

Hey everyone, I put together a post to outline what’s currently happening at the DAO not including the drama and where I will be filling in the spots if needed.

Current active compensated contributors:
@ross: only active with UMA Delegated Voting Grant
Compensation dictated by # of votes accomplished per month. Positive cash flow generation for the treasury.

@feddas: only active with Yam Treasury Management and Maintenance Framework Silo
Milestone 2 of 3 in progress
Remaining balance due if completed:
12 Weeks @ 25 hours/week @ a rate of $85 per hour split 70USDC/30YAM

@jpgs.eth: only active with Yam Treasury Director
3 Month term - Ends at the end of this Month.
Maximum 40 hours a month @ Base rate of $85/h, 100% in 6 month vested $YAM tokens

@0xE: Status unknown, transparancy report for the month of september is due on the 5th, and on chain contract to be posted on the 6th. Gov-ops already pre-approved for the month of September to cover report and on-chain contract if completed.

All other contributors do not have any active grants / silos.

YIP-111 Gov-Ops Council Creation (Beta Test) Expired as of the end of september.

I, Feddas, plan on picking up the slack from contributors who decide not to renew or get denied. As there is very very little activity on Yam for over the past year, I will focus on the highest priority tasks:

  1. Maintain and moderate of the following infrastructure (if I am able to get access):
    – Discord server.
    – Discourse server (forum).
    – Twitter account
    – Yam website and servers
  2. Create on-chain proposals that interact with the treasury
    – Simple transfers will be done from treasury
    – More complicated transactions will be done with operation multisig gnosis safe as it is much simpler to use approved apps on gnosis.
  3. Communicate with applicants, community members and anyone interested in creating value for Yam to apply for funding from YAM.
    – We haven’t had an active project at Yam for over a year now, it’s time for us to change this. I will be putting up a Bounty / Award for any one that is able to introduce a project and team to Yam that receives funding from Yam. More details on this in YIP-200 and additional posts coming.