Cut Voting Window into 24/12 Hours to Speed Up Yam's Efficient

*** Basic Summary/Abstract ***

Currently, our Yam’s voting process is too slow to match up the industry. Base on the community consensus and discussion, I believe we should improve the voting process itself which includes forum discussion and an on-chain snapshot voting process.

The proposal process is very simple, divide the voting proposal into two categories: Import and Normal proposal which could be controlled by core or the one who wrote it. Based on the different categories, we apply a different voting time window.

*** Motivation ***

Make Yam Community Consensus United Again!

*** Risks ***

There is no risk.

*** Specifications ***

  1. For the Important voting proposal, the snapshot voting period should be done in 24hours.
  2. For the Normal voting proposal, the snapshot voting period should be done in 12hours.
Make Yam More Efficient or NOT
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I believe the existing voting takes too LONG to finish and we, yammers, should take some changes to make it more efficient. We don’t need to include every investors in the process and just set up the right voting threshold. Based on my watching, most of our proposals are non-critical ones, we should make it pass or not pass in 12hours. I believe most of community members just like myself, we are tired for the long waiting period. For blockchain industry, more than a week working on a proposal and can not make it through voting process is un-acceptable. This proposal is not for anyone, I mean it is time that we re-think yam’s voting process.

I do not support this proposal. First of all, YAM governance should be defined by the quality of our decisions and not the speed of them. We have had very few governance actions where the speed of our decision making has had a negative impact in how the proposal was executed. In the end we are a DAO and unless we move to a more centralized model of governance, we will never be able to match the speed of centralized companies.

I am working on a document that will update and improve the governance process, and the plan is to work on having different types of proposals that can be executed at different speeds. But 12 and 24 hours is too fast and many will miss votes. one could, for example, push through a vote that occurs on a holiday where people in one demographic are not able to vote.


YAM community should just go centralized governance. The DAO is just a cover for preventing legal risks as it gathered public funds. But in the real case, it is half centralized, aggressive proposals like this one wont get to the voting stage anyways.