Designer August 2022 Compensation Report

Title: 220830 - Designers’ contributor compensation request

Compensation request for August 2022, the last month of the YAM ReOrg Silo’s 3 month Grant (June-August) YAM ReOrg 3 month Grant Request (June-August) - #2 by ross

Rate: Range 20 to 30 hrs/week = $6,800 minimum and $10,200 maximum per month (compensation based on $85 per hr).

Time-frame: August 1 - August 31 (2022)

Hours Worked: 120 hrs at $85 per hr = $10,200.
Total amount to be split 70% in USDC and 30% in YAM at the 30-day TWAP price on the first day of the month after the month for which compensation is being requested.

Wallet for payment: 0x3fdced6b5c1f176b543e5e0b841cb7224596c33c


Designer has been contributing to Yam since near its inception. This report is for the 3rd month (out of three months) of work has been performed under the Yam Reorg Silo initial grant.


The goal for August was to complete the 1st phase of the Yam Re-Org. Specifically, my task was the writing of the majority of information about the Yam Re-Org. This writing served the content for the

Work Done

#1: I wrote and created the explainer graphics for Article #6 - Yam Grants: Gov-Ops Council

The above article represents the completion of Yam Re-Org website’s body of introductory information about what the Yam Re-organization is, why the re-org is important, and how the Yam Grants + Silos model has emerged from it.

The intention for this article is to serve as a useful guide for all participants who will interface with Gov-Ops by fostering alignment around processes and expectations. The Gov-Ops article will be finalized and ready for publishing in August.

In addition, this article on Gov-Ops is a key document for the Gov-Ops Council members themselves to use as a guide for their activities as members.

#2: I wrote [Medium article #1 - Yam Re-Org Sets Course for (Growth]

Intended to spread awareness and inform, this Medium article condenses the volumes of info that exists in the by providing readers of the article with a high-level understanding of the importance and value of the Yam Re-Org. The call to action is to get readers excited or inspired to click through to the

#3: Development of ideas and discussions about Phase 2 of the Yam Re-Org. Phase 1 of the Yam Re-Org was the creation and communication of the Yam Grants + Silo system which underpins the new Yam DAO model.

We now need to move to Phase 2 in which there are two main categories as follows:

Phase 2 Buildout Agenda:

  • Test run a set of pilot projects with a limited set of Silos
  • Continue to develop and refine the Yam Re-Org structure and processes
  • Create detailed documentation
  • Create an Information Repository to facilitate processes

Phase 2 Marketing Agenda:

  • Develop strategy and planning around how to rollout the new model and use it to grow Yam
  • Develop a marketing and brand strategy and execution plan
  • Implementation of the above strategies as a unified campaign and brand

Silo Collaboration

As with the other two months of this grant, I have collaboration with @ross and with @chilly’s Design Studio Silo to complete Phase 1 of the Yam Re-Org. Going forward in Phase 2 of the Yam Re-Org, these collaborations will continue to be important, both in practice as well as how our next set of grant proposals are constructed to allow for optimal collaboration.

Lessons Learned

The work done so far on the Yam Re-Org and the resulting new Yam DAO grants based model represents a milestone on the road to rebooting Yam. To maximize the value of this investment will depend to a large degree on how the new model is used to grow Yam and increase token holder value.

I believe this can be accomplished through strategic thinking and creative problem solving. And that is exactly what I intend to focus on in my next grant application. Stand by for more details soon.

Hey Jim, FYI This link goes to the wrong article.

Thanks for your contributions Designer!

Treasury Director Review:

  • Grant approved
  • Work complete
  • CR approved

Thanks for all your contributions and support with Yam ReOrg. You do good work and I appreciate what you have done. I’d like to get a better idea of how 120 hours breakout across items 1, 2 and 3 a/b. Thanks for the clarification.

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Thanks jpgs!

Breaks down roughly as follows…
#1 - 85% of the time/effort
#2 - 10% of the time/effort
#3 - Less than 5% of the time/effort

FYI - I’ve been on vacation since the grant ended. I’m currently working on a new grant proposal to be submitted later in Sept that I intend to start at the beginning of Oct.


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Thank you @ross. Corrected link here for the work in progress Medium Article #1 - Yam Re-Org Sets Course for Growth: