Development and Strategy Updates to the Yam Community

Basic Summary:
The core team will host weekly updates on marketing and development, followed by an AMA via Discord.

This is a public venture, as such, the community requires transparency from the core team. Weekly development and strategy calls will help educate the community, allow us to help the team get through issues, and will accelerate community ideation.

From an outward perspective, Yam seems to be developing slowly and the community doesn’t have much insight as to why. The last push to Github was 9 days ago as of writing this. More transparency will allow the community to better decide on salaries and other incentives for the team members and help us see what engineering holes we have and what kind of resources we need to hire.

Once weekly updates from the core team on development and strategy followed by open forum questions and answers. Questioning can be limited to 30 minutes if necessary and the scope of questions allowed should be agreed upon (i.e. no price discussion). Due to the globalized nature of Yam, I recommend 13:00UTC on either Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. Regardless, the time should be the same each week.

Weekly dev and and strategy calls led by the core team.
  • Yes, please, begin ASAP
  • Against
  • Yes we should have updates, but in a different format.

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I generally work in chunks. I will make more of an effort to be consistent with pushing my local changes. I just pushed ~4000 lines of code changes.


Furthermore, I am happy to start a dev call and think we definitely should, if only to get more people on board with development


Yes please, whatever format and time schedule you would like, but something consistent would be very very appreciated.

YES! I think this is one of the primary motivations for me. We want to get you help building and get you a salary, but it is hard to do until we get a little more understanding of the inner workings.

See here for a write-up detailing out what I have been working on for the upcoming protocol changes


@brock I’ve been talking to @trente about organizing a weekly governance call. If you guys have specific availability that works best for a regular thing, feel free to let me know, and I’ll work out the logistics.

@smashj9k I’m not a fan of doing an AMA on Discord for the sole reason that it can be nearly impossible to formulate thoughtful responses there when things get busy. I don’t think we should overwhelm the team with a firehose of questions. My suggestion would be to either have the AMA take place here on the forum or on r/yamprotocol. That way we can keep it organized.

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Weekly updates in the short form would be useful (no matter what time). AMA via Discord is excessive.





Reddit or really any medium is fine with me. I wrote this to get the ball rolling on what I think to be a critical component. The delivery methods are not really a concern to me as long as it is a consistent thing. As mentioned by Bitcoinduke, even short form weekly updates would be great, but some type of open community forum can be fruitful if well moderated.

Would you prefer I edit Discord out of the proposal here?