Draft Proposal: Contributor Request for Compensation

Hey Yam Fam!

I am applying as:

My Role and Responsibilities

  • UX designer
  • Frontend developer
  • 3D Illustrator

Requested Compensation:

$4,800 worth of TWAP Yam Streamed Over 3 Month Period

Biography + Skills and Experience:

I’m the Lead of Product at a seed-stage startup. I have over 7 years of experience designing and building products. I operate in the intersection of customer success, product marketing, technical architecture, and business intelligence; all of which are needed to build incredible products. I’ve led my team from a third-world country to a global scale with international partners and backers. My skills involve full stack development, product design, and marketing. These have helped me build, launch, and scale lots of fun products in the past, for myself (as side projects) and my team. I joined crypto at the peak of the last bullrun (bought the BTC top :sob:) and since have gone down the rabbit hole, all the way to #DeFi.

Value add to Yam Team:

Yam operates like a decentralised version of the product studio I run. I’ve learned a lot of painful lessons from my experiences there and will be using that to help the team setup a more robust and efficient product development process. I will be sharing templates and resources we have developed in hopes of that. I also think I can greatly support Yam and it’s suite of products with awesome UX design, branding and marketing graphics.

What I’ve done for Yam:

So far, I’ve consulted on Yam on a design-to-development handoff workflow that will greatly increase our development speed (fewer “wen launch?” questions anyone?), some of which we will be trialling for Degenerative finance. I’ve also been working with Bruce on a top-secret project to reward the Yam community. Hint? It rhymes with delectables. I’ve also been working on the information architecture and wireframes for the Degenerative v2 dapp, super excited about this!

What I am planning to do for Yam:

I’ll be designing and developing the frontend for Degenerative v2 and handoff to Indigo for implementation. Then I’ll create 3D illustrations for the website as well. Looking forward to working with the Yammy Gang on this!

Voting Options:

Approve or Decline


@blokku-chan has been actively adding value and assisting Yam on several projects for the past 2 months on multiple projects.

Yam team is fully supporting this proposal.

Blokku is an amazing creative talent with such a positive, collaborative work style. Def in full support!

Strongly support @blokku-chan for this position!

Also expressing my full support for this!