E Contributor Comp

E Contributor Comp


Currently as we have discussed changes in terms of how we pay contributors, based off of their focuses, this proposal is for E to continue with his research alongside feedback collection from the community, to form a well suitable yam core development plan and move forward with it, scoped with updated docs that were started on, this proposal also includes other recurring focuses that E normally handles.


Background: Contributions E has made to Yam are numerous from the very beginning of the launch to date, focusing mostly on its core development, stability and security with facilitating and assisting every contributor we ever had on Yam. E believes for yam to gain further values, on a protocol level it must accomplish several milestones and be up to the level and base standards to lead by example (as uniswap aave compound optimism uma chainlink and others …), which from comes the main purpose of the yam dev documents that E has been working on and recently posted for further feedback collection. E believe going through this path will give yam a solid core yet a scalable and attractive model with value add long term.

@e: A. For June and July, and as i have already begun will continue progressing on figuring out the long term core vision of the yam protocol development plan as outlined on the Yam Core Development, Yam Protocol Multichain and the linked docs. My main objective prior getting into any dev work is to complete forming the mentioned with further planning, specifications and timeline updates. Which from and once fully scoped, i am going to propose and proceed with to entirely start focusing on. As well for (B.).

For June and July:

  • Goals: Complete the core development plan with further specs and timeline updates to start working on, and goals listed in (B.).
  • Comp: E monthly rate of $9917 in USDC and $4250 in YAM tokens based on the 30day avg value.

B. Covered in (A.) and for the next 3 quarters (Q3, Q4 2022, Q1 2023), i will continue maintaining infrastructure, services upkeep and the onchain activity in terms of proposal contracts development, testing, deployments, proposing, execution and following up through, as well for basic assistance, data collection from snapshots and individuals to progress forward. This however does not include things that consists of feature implementation, for example the creation of another contract or a focus that it can relate to, although i will give a feedback to whichever extent of my ability in terms of ideating around a feature request. This includes the usual of being there and help facilitate things.

Recurring, begins only after coverage splits from (A.):

  • Goals: Maintaining monthly the recurring specifications mentioned above.
  • Comp: Monthly rate of $3850 in USDC and $1650 in YAM tokens based on the 30day avg value.

Note: I am pushing to finalize the plan as mentioned in A. and sooner, to then start with it around July, will be taking into account any changes needed which for would revisit section A. with an update accordingly.


Proceeding with an onchain proposal to send the related comps as specified above.

I appreciate the fact that you’ve taken the initiative to work on the long term core vision for Yam. Before you commit more of your time and Yam’s resources I believe the approval from the general Yam token holders is appropriate.

As far as my personal opinion after reading over your Yam Core Development and Yam Protocol Multichain, I do not support spending any more Yam resources on these items until we have a more definitive requirements, goals and benefits for Yam.

Thank you, yes working on that.

I have partially started (and then paused) on the development (the prototype was a test only), and currently what im focusing on is exactly going to get us to this point “have a more definitive requirements, goals and benefits for yam”, with scope and timeframe, which only after ill be resuming on developing.