Elastic Finance Growth Strategies

First a few questions:

Should we be prioritizing the growth of the treasury or prioritizing the growth of the market cap and over what time frame?

Should we be trying to protect a baseline ‘floor’ on either of these?

Should we be trying to protect the ‘image’ of YAM?

I’m sure many of you have noticed that elastic currency tokens tend to have sharp rise and fall associated with their market caps during periods of positive rebase.

If we prioritize the growth of the treasury over everything it allows for strategies to enchance this effect and in turn capture more value for the treasury.

we could remove all incentives, promotions, airdrops etc. go into store of value mode. Ignore the plummeting market cap and embrace the negative rebase spiral.

Then after a period of time or once the price naturally goes back to $1 we unleash the airdrops. airdrops for holders, even more airdrops for governance voters. Once we get into positive rebase we bring back big liquidity provider incentive bonuses so the treasury has thick books to sell into.

A few thoughts on this strategy:

Could be called ‘pump and dump’
Would allow for market cap to fall further than usual
Could be disrupted or enhanced by the broader crypto sentiment. Timing would be important.

Overall I like all the current proposals to grow the treasury but i’m wondering if we need to adjust our strategy to align more with the cyclical nature of the elastic currency growth cycle.

Happy to hear anyones thoughts!

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thanks for posting about elastic finance, i would like to see the YAM community focus more on this to provide more value for YAM holders. hopefully we can push a proposal to migrate to the new Balancer Smart Pool to provide a IL free liquidity pool for the YAM community to work with. Uniswap is not an elastic liquidity pool, in my opinion we should be operating with a stack of technology that recognizes the elasticity of the YAM supply. curious to hear the rest of the YAM community’s thoughts on this migration proposal idea.

The Brainstorming Proposals category is better suited for this topic. Locking it for now, but I’d be happy to answer some of these in a new topic there.