Emergency plan to exit negative rebase death spiral immediately

Currently the project is in a negative rebase death spiral.
Strong supporters have to remove their funds to cut losses.
Having to cut losses by selling YAM does undermine the idea of a community owned treasury and project, since the right to vote is lost.

Based on these findings the following proposal is made:

The community and core team to focus on a single action item: An emergency price recovery plan.

  • Define an emergency recovery plan to bring the project back into positive rebase territory within two weeks
  • All options on the table, e.g. use the treasury for
    • Token buyback
    • Airdrops
    • Paying Twitter personalities for promotion

To focus on this recovery plan the following additional actions have to be taken:

  • Freeze all other development activities until the price is recovered.
  • Freeze all other voting or proposal processes until the price is recovered.

This drastic proposal is made for two reasons:

  • Most times just the announcement of the financial bazooka has an impact on speculators
  • Positive rebases will fill the treasury, attract more community contributors and the project will have more resources, support and faith to build.


wher do i vote il go for this action needs to be done, combine it all , still stuck with v2 v3 tokens …