Fix Yam Treasure Asset Portfolio Proposal

Fix Yam Treasure Asset Portfolio Proposal

The current Yam Treasure asset is 100% yUSD which is around $2.89million at this proposal is written. A better solution is to keep some portion of Yam Token as an asset.

Here are the reasons:

  1. Reduce the selling pressure when we have a large uptrend.

  2. Keep some portion as Yam token which could benefit more as yam market cap increase.

  3. To demonstrate other community members especially the newcomers that holding yam token could percentile create more values.

What is the right percentage to be set? That is why this proposal is written for. The initial thought is to hold no more than 50% of the total asset of Yam’s treasure. The selection list below starts with 10% and increases by 10% each grade.

The following percent is the Yam token asset which the treasure should reserve. Beyond this percentage, the treasure could sell to the market.

Treasure Yam Token Asset Reserve Percentage:

  1. 10%
  2. 20%
  3. 30%
  4. 40%
  5. 50%

I think once the mcap of yam is under 1billion,the treasure should reserve the yam ,instead of selling yam.

Furthermore, I think the contributor can be reward by yam ,instead of yusd from treasure.

Purchasing and holding YAM inside the treasury is sort of a stock-buy-back type model.

I personally wouldn’t mind a 10% allocation to YAM moving forward.

In addition, I think we should allocate 10% to ETH soon as well.