Full-time contributor compensation for Indigo

Contributor Request for Compensation: Indigo

I am applying as:

My Role and Responsibilities

Lead development of Degenerative.Finance, including frontend development and interfacing with smart contracts.

Requested Compensation:

Fulltime work in exchange for $7500 / month, 50% in yUSD and 50% in Yam Streamed Over a 3 Month Period

Biography + Skills and Experience:

I am a generalist software engineer with over 5 years of experience in software design and architecture in various technical areas, including low-level systems, cloud infrastructure, and web application development.

Value add to Yam Team:

Will lead degenerative.finance development to become a leading synthetic aggregation platform in the Ethereum ecosystem.

What I’ve done for Yam:

Various contributions to Yam and Degenerative website.

What I am planning to do for Yam:

Develop Degenerative.Finance V2 website. Contributing new synthetics with the UMA framework.

Voting Options:

Approve or Decline


@indigo is planning on leading the Degenerative.Finance V2 rebuild of the entire site. @chilly @blokku-chan @feddas @nonstopTheo has reviewed the plans for the site and detailed out the specs that will need to be completed for the site.

Team is confident that @indigo and @blokku-chan will be able to produce a fantastic V2 Degenerative.finance site that is easily usable and scalable with many more synthetics with the long term goal of being the #1 destination for UMA synths.

Indigo’s work will be the backbone of Degenerative Finance and our progress into the synthetic space.

Would love to see him with Yam on a full time capacity. Def in full support!

@indigo is already contributing a lot to Yam. Great ideas, excellent skills and good insights.

Will also fully approve this! Indigo is a great team addition.