Full-time contributor request for Byterose

My Role and Responsibilities

I am applying as a software engineer for YAM. For the time being I will mainly work as a web developer.

Requested Compensation

Full Time | $8000 / month ($96k/yr), 100% in YAM tokens, Streamed over the next 3 months.

Biography + Skills and Experience

As a developer, it’s important for me to invest my time in projects where I can learn something, whether it’s from the people who support me in my work or from the work itself. Besides these aspects however, it was mainly the YAM Community who led to my decision to contribute to the YAM DAO.

I have been part of the YAM community since the YAM protocol launched back in August 2020. Many may remember that day and in particular the moment when the community first came together and made a conscious decision to take a risk to support the YAM protocol in its darkest hours. Those hours not only laid the foundation for the YAM DAO, but also the foundation for my application.

I am a software engineer with experience in web and mobile app development and am able to use Web3, Solidity, Graphql, React and Vue. I am also willing to quickly adapt to a new tech stack should it be required in the future for my work on YAM projects.

Value add to Yam Team

Building and contributing features to YAM.

What I’ve done for Yam

So far I have contributed to Degenerative and Umbrella, and will continue to do so. On the side I am researching L2 solutions for an implementation within YAM.

What I am planning to do for Yam

As a supporter of YAM and contributor to YAM projects, I will be focusing mostly on the web interface of Umbrella with @ethe over the next few months.

Voting Options

Accept or Decline

  • Accept
  • Decline

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100% accept! More devs on the team, YAM community member, 100% of comp in $YAM token


I support this 100% :wink: